Sam Amick

February 09, 2018 - 9:30 am
Info & Stats: USA Today NBA Insider All Topics: NBA Trade deadline movement | Didn’t expect the Cavs to do so much trading yesterday | Team chemistry on the Cavs was awful | Eastern Conference Standings | Cleveland now | LeBron’s future in Cleveland | Lakers cap room | Isaiah Thomas | IT is emotionally spent | Thomas not wanting to come off the bench for Lakers | Cavs making it easier for the LeBron to go to the Lakers | Feb 9th 2018 CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight   Oct 17th 2017 All Topics: Tip-off to NBA Season | Golden State | Kevin Durant’s second season in Golden State | Golden State will unleash Steph Curry more | Paul George loving life in Oklahoma City | Carmelo, Russ, and George fitting together | Kyrie Irving’s reception in Cleveland tonight | Golden State’s trip to China | Steph’s presence in China |