New Year, New Matt Harvey

February 16, 2018 - 12:59 pm
It’s February 16th. We’re only 47 days into 2018 and I’d bet my sled any of you tools who went on record with a resolution don’t even remember what it was. Happens. Every. Year. You’re fired up about the gym, the diet, the list of books you’re gonna get to—and then six weeks into the campaign you forget it all and you’re crushing Ben and Jerry’s on the couch, binging Netflix. But guess who’s still all about the new-year-new-me lifestyle? That’s right: Matt Harvey. You remember Matt Harvey. The one-time Mets ace who posted three straight seasons with a sub-three ERA before needing shoulder surgery in 2016 and has never been the same since? Yes, that Matt Harvey. The same Matt Harvey that went and found the bottom of a few bottles around Cinco de Drink-o last season and skipped work the next day. The same Matt Harvey that lied about why he went AWOL and later copped to the real reason—adding in that he teed it up for 18 while playing ditching work, too. Yes! That Matt Harvey. The artist formerly known as the Dark Knight, met the media yesterday and said, “I’m not going to answer any questions about the last year. New Year. People make mistakes. I’m looking forward to a new season.” Hell yes you are, Matt. I would be looking forward to a new season, too—if it was coming off an 11 ERA mark in my last six appearances. Oh, and don’t forget: It’s a contract year… No wonder this dude wants to the turn the page. Two seasons ago he had himself primed for a look at Verlander and Scherzer money. Now he’s lucky to still have a gig. And that’s not just some radio man saying that. Harvey himself owned it yesterday. “Any time your manager and your pitching coach are fighting to keep you on the team and have a lot of confidence in you, it’s definitely comforting.” Or it’s definitely disconcerting. Or foreshadowing. Because you know Harvey is on a real short leash. The Mets launched Terry Collins and are trying, themselves, to be more like the 2015 World Series version of yesteryear, and not the 2017 version which was the  punchline to every joke in sport. Believe me, the last thing these 25 slugs want to do is get on the wrong side of this mets fan: So, how does Harvey fit into that? Well, either he shows out or he shoves off. And at less than five-and-half-million this year, the Mets won’t have any problem releasing him—or trading him for parts in the summer. So it’s go time for Harvey. And he’s auditioning not just for big jack, but for the right to stay in the industry. And not have to go get a real job. And that audition starts right away in April. I’m not rooting against the guy.. I hope he figures it out and gets back what he once had. I’m not rooting against but I’m not betting on him either. He’s less than two years removed from shoulder surgery, less than a year removed from a scapula injury, and he’s coming off his worst season—statistically speaking. Now, throw in the alleged meltdown over Adriana Lima hanging with Julian Edelman—that led to the bender, that led to skipping work, that led to the three game suspension—and you’ve got yourself a head case with a damaged wing. But Go get ‘em, Matt. New Year. New you. Unless it’s not.