3/7/2018 AI, Winona, Mayock

March 07, 2018 - 12:26 pm
Hour 1 AI Is A Beauty | Don’t Read The Comments, Dez | Pissed Off San Diego Caller Calls In   Hour 2 Seth Davis (College Basketball) In Studio | Fabian In LA Checks In  | Winona In Colorado Calls In   Hour 3 Ryan Reaves (NHL) Interview | Winona Reaction | Mike Mayock (NFL Draft) Interview   Guests  Takes  Stop Reading Comments, Bru Another day, another athlete getting hooked on social media. Today’s sucker. Dez Bryant. Click Here for Entire Take The Redskins Didn’t Commit, DeAngelo You want to question someone’s commitment? Question the team’s. Let’s not forget the team president repeatedly called him Kurt Cousins. Click Here for Entire Take