3/8/2018 LOB, DeMar, Taggart

March 08, 2018 - 12:24 pm
Hour 1 LOB, R.I.P. | Willie Taggart (College Football) Interview | Matt McMahon (College Basketball) Interview   Hour 2 Winona Reaction From Yesterday | KC’s New Drug | David Wise On The Jim Rome Podcast   Hour 3 NBA Stars Address Mental Health Issues  |  Mental Health |  Shaquem Griffin (NFL Draft) Interview Guests  Takes DeMar’s Coast To Coast Throw Down DeMar DeRozan had a monster game last night: 42 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds in Toronto’s overtime win at Detroit. But there was no finer moment in the game, or maybe in the Raptors season, than the final seconds of regulation. Click Here for Entire Take Long Live The LOB It’s the end of an era in the NFL. Not the Ed Hochuli Era, but the Legion of Boom Era. Click Here for Entire Take Royals Host Anti-Porn Workshop How the Royals run their business is just that. Their business. Click Here for Entire Take NBA Players Open Up On Mental Health Issues There is something happening in the NBA. Click Here for Entire Take