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Bartolo Has Done It Again

All hail the king

June 19, 2018 - 1:31 pm

Bartolo Colon has done it again. And the great thing about Big Bart is that when I say he’s done it again, you have no idea what I mean. Did he homer again? Did he absurd a line shot into his gut on the bump without flinching. Did he get an at-bat and swing so hard that he screwed himself into the ground, while having his helmet pop of his world class dome?

Nope. But he did make history. Again. 

But before I reveal his latest accomplishment, let me just say this. I could do a take on Bartolo Colon every day if I wanted to. And it’s not that I don’t want to. I just want to test myself and challenge myself.  Just know this; this could be a one topic show. And not just today, but every day. And that one topic would be Bartolo Colon. Because Bart is a content machine and he makes history nearly every time he takes the rock.

And he did it again last night against Kansas City. Multiple times. Let’s start with the big headline – the 6-3 win over the Royals was the 244th win of Colon’s career, setting the record for most wins by a pitcher born in the Dominican Republic. 

And that is awesome. A huge deal. You know it’s a big deal when Bart says it’s a big deal, because downplays everything. But he wasn’t downplaying the fact that he passed Juan Marichal.

"I feel happy of course to pass a Hall of Famer. He is a Dominican and a Hall of Famer. And of course, I thank God and my family. They have always supported me in my career. They helped me get to playing all these years."

And that wasn’t the only historic moment. There was also the third inning, when he faced ADD-AL-BERTO Mondesi. Who’s that, you ask? The son of Raul Mondesi, who had 11 at-bats against Bartolo Colon. And now Bart has faced his son. 

But while that’s cool, it’s not exactly new. The Mondesi's are the fourth father-son combo that Bart has faced, joining a list that already includes Cecil and Prince Fielder, Clay and Cody Bellinger, and Eric Young Senior and Junior. At this point, facing two generations is no big deal for Bart. As he said afterwards, “It means I have been pitching a long time."

That’s the truth. Anyone else is freaking out and pounding their chest about facing a father and son, but not Bart. His reaction is essentially: whatever, get back to me when I strike out some dude’s grandson. Get back to me when I turn one around 500 feet on Cody Bellinger’s son.

Here’s another truth about last night’s game. Bart didn’t have his best stuff. He didn’t get ahead of hitters the way he normally does. He scattered 9 hits over 6 innings and giving up just three runs. But he did what all the greatest pitchers do when they don’t have their best stuff – he found a way to win. 

That’s what makes Bart Bart. But here’s another thing that makes him Bart: style. Swagger.

And there’s no way he was going to set a record like that without swag. And you got that swag in the fifth inning. 

Hell. Yes. I’m not sure what I liked more about that play – the play itself or the fact that the Rangers twitter account posted it with: “Want to see a #BigSexy pickoff move? Of course you do.”

And of course they’re right. The only person who didn’t want to see a #BigSexy pickoff move was Whit Merrifield. And Whit should’ve seen it coming. He’s a good player with a great story, but Whit has to know who he’s dealing with. 

That’s not some tub of goo, with a hack move to first. That’s Bartolo Freaking Colon. That’s the big cat. Don’t let the age fool you. And let’s also not go with the tired claim that he’s “sneaky athletic.” Because he’s not. There’s nothing sneaky about this dude’s athleticism.

He’s just flat out athletic. He’s freaky. Nothing sneaky about that. You’re looking at 285 pounds of raw athleticism and explosive energy. And if you get picked off by him, that’s on you. Because you knew it was coming. You disrespect the big cat and you’ll get exactly what you deserve: – a quick trip back to the dugout. 

And while Bart made history last night, he has a chance to do it again in his next start. Because with his next win, he’ll tie Dennis Martinez for the most wins for a pitcher from Latin America. In other words, when Bart wins, El Presidente will make room for Big Sexy. And when Bart wins, everyone wins. Again, I don’t root. For anyone or anything other than something to talk about: and this cat essentially does my job for me every time he picks the rock. All hail the king.