Jackie Bradley Jr.

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Get It Done, Cash


July 12, 2018 - 10:37 am

The Boston Red Sox went into last night’s game against the Rangers having won eight straight games. But I wasn’t looking to crown them just yet. They still had yet to face their toughest challenge – one Bartolo Colon. 

Big Bart, aka Big Sexy, aka the greatest pitcher in major league history, was on the mound for the Rangers last night. And the truth is, as good as Boston has looked this season and over the last week, they hadn’t been tested. Not the way Bart can test you. 

You beat 6-time All-Star and 3-time CY Young winner Max Scherzer to start this winning streak? That’s cool. Whatever. Wake me when you beat Bart. 

You put up 32 runs in three games against the Royals? Good for you. That’s like beating Glass Joe and Von Kaiser. I’ll be impressed when you do it against Mike Tyson.

Because that’s what Bart is. Bart is the boss. He’s the final boss. You beat him and you’ve proven yourselves. 

The Red Sox knew that, which is why they ran Chris Sale to the bump that’s the level of preparation that Alex Cora puts into his job. He’s barely past the halfway mark in his first year as manager and he’s already doing veteran moves like setting up his rotation so he can have Chris Sale ready for Bartolo Colon.

And Sale was ready: 7 shutout innings. 12 strikeouts. Bam. Boston managed to scratch out four runs off Big Bart and suddenly, they’ve got themselves a nine game winning streak. Suddenly, I’m buying them as a serious threat. Sure, they already had a nine-game winning streak earlier this season. And sure, they’ve now won 14 of 16. And they have the best record in baseball. And a roster full of All-Stars. But, you show up with a 4-2 win over Bartolo Colon and you’ve shown me something.  

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, WE ALL LOVE THE RED SOX.

And they’re doing it without Dustin Pedroia, who’s been out since the end of May and might be done for the year. That’s how good these guys are. Mookie Betts is raking. JD Martinez is mashing. And Chris Sale is shredding opponents the way he used to shred jerseys. Five straight starts with at least 11 strikeouts and no more than one walk. 

Which brings me to the Yankees. I know Brian Cashman has a lot of different options on his plate when it comes to the trade deadline and here’s my advice to him: do it. Don’t pick the best one. Do all of them.

Manny Machado liked an Instagram pic of him in Yankee gear? Great. Maybe it’s a butt like; you know like a butt dial. Whatever it is, Make the move now. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Pull the trigger. I know you won yesterday, but you are on the verge of falling behind this Red Sox juggernaut and once you do it’s a boat race, so never mind this garbage about it coming down to the last weekend of the season. It won’t. Make the move or I’ll be bumping that incredible jam on a daily basis from now until the end of the season. 

Why? Two reasons. One: we all love the Red Sox. And two: because the Red Sox have a ton of confidence coming off that win over the ageless Bartolo Colon. You need to load up to slow these guys down. Just going with a lineup with a couple of MVP candidates isn’t enough. You need at least three and maybe four. 

Oh, there’s something else you should know. If you don’t pull the trigger on Machado, the – the Red Sox are also reportedly interested in Machado. So if you wait for the best possible deal, you could end up losing him to the team you’re looking up. Get it done, Cash. And don’t stop there. . Jacob deGrom? Yes. Noah Syndergaard? Yes. Bryce Harper? Yes. Mike Trout? Yes. Bullpen help? Yes. Bring me everyone. Because that is what it will take to run down this crew. Because the last thing you want to do is be in the one-game playoff, using your best starter, while the Red Sox sit and wait. Do it, Cashman. Do it! Yo think you’re the smartest guy in the room, Cash. Prove it. 

Because as much as I love that song, and I do love that jam. I don’t want to play it every day from now until November.