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Good Day, Las Vegas

The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Final.

May 21, 2018 - 12:56 pm

Good morning, Las Vegas. How are you feeling today? How was your weekend? Are you ready for this? I’m about to say the words you’ve been longing to hear: the long wait is over! Yeah, I said it. 

The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Final. You’ve waited…let me check my notes here…eight long months to get your shot at a Cup and now here it is. 

There are 9 month-olds in Henderson, Nevada who have lived their entire lives without seeing the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final and now here they are. Think about it – a child born last November had never seen the Golden Knights playing for the Stanley Cup and now that wait is over and the dream is alive.

Vegas beat Winnipeg in Winnipeg 2-1 yesterday to cap off a five-game series. So to recap: in their first season, they won their division, they swept the Kings in the first round, smashed the Sharks in six, and dropped the first game in Winnipeg, and then won four straight, including the closeout game in maybe the loudest barn in the league. And now they’re skating around with the Colin S. Campbell Bowl.

So much for that superstition that it’s bad luck to touch the conference championship trophy. And so much for the idea that it would take the Golden Knights years to be competitive.  

Hell yes they should skate around with the conference championship trophy? Hell, they should drink out of it and wear it as a hat. Because as Ryan Reaves said, “We call ourselves the Golden Misfits for a reason. We’ve proven everyone else wrong all season.”

And no, I’m not going to come in here and say, how’s that taste, Canada? I’m not going to say that you haven’t won a Cup in a quarter century and your last hope this year just lost to a team that didn’t exist last year. That would be bush league. 

And it is absolutely incredible. There’s never been a hockey story like this and hell I’m not sure there’s ever been a sports story like this. An expansion team in Las Vegas going to the Stanley Cup Final?!? In its first year?!?! 

They had Wayne Newton firing up the crowd on Friday night and I’ve never been more fired up in my life

Ahh, yeahhh, Wayne Newton in the house! Mr. Las Vegas, if you need him. And if you don’t get goosebumps watching him crank that siren and the crowd go completely insane, then you don’t have a heartbeat.  

And don’t come in here and tell me that the different expansion rules made it too easy. That’s complete and utter garbage. Yeah, the rules were different this time, but these guys weren’t supposed to be competitive for a few years. 

Just like I’m not interested in hearing: of course they’re winning, Rome, they got Marc-Andre Fleury in the net. Yes they have Flower, but they have him because Pittsburgh didn’t want him anymore. It’s not like they stole him.  

Back in August, team owner Bill Foley was telling everyone the team would be “pretty good in three years and we’ll make a run in five or six” turns out they were pretty good in three games and made a run in five or six months. 

This was not the plan. The plan was that they could draft this team, be a seller at the deadline, and continue building for the future. Be honest – how many teams in the league would’ve traded their roster for Vegas’s roster at the start of the season? Not many, if any. 

If this was a movie, it would be too cheesy and too over the top to believe. A group of castoffs, rejects, and misfits who band together to play for the Stanley Cup? That’s too cheesy and took over the top for Hollywood. And yet it’s real.  

And now we’re four wins away from a parade down the Strip. Let me repeat that for the people in the back: four freaking wins away from a Stanley Cup parade down the Las Vegas Strip.

Oh and sidebar: Has Wayne had some work done? I don’t know. Can’t say for certain, but if you ghouls are wanting to talk about Mr. Las Vegas instead of the Golden Knights, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Mr. Entertainment was in that joint on Friday to fire up the crowd and get a win. He did both. Scoreboard. Look up at it.