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Kawhi Watch 2018

How did that guy and that team get to this place?

June 20, 2018 - 9:47 am

Hey, Laker fans, how you livin right now? We’re one day from the draft where the Lakers have the 25th pick; we’re a week and a half from the start of free agency and the possibility of LeBron James and Paul George throwing on the purple and gold. And Kawhi-Watch 2018 continues. In other words, Laker Fans, how the hell you liivin???

Don’t answer that, because I know how it is. You’re in every chat room, bulletin board, reddit page, and group text 24/7, tracking every rumor, and taking food through a tube and breathing pure oxygen through a mask. Probably even rocking your adult diaper so you don’t miss anything at all. Chris Paul says LeBron is going to LA? You knew that already. Gary Payton says LeBron’s kids are going to enroll in school north of LA? You got it. Hell, you’re already firing up the flight-tracker to monitor LeBron’s every move.

And yesterday came the news that Gregg Popovich flew to California to meet with Kawhi Leonard. According to ESPN, Pop had been trying to set up the meeting for weeks and that Kawhi did not want the meeting and “has been purposely difficult for the Spurs to reach recently.”

Uh, I’m going to go ahead and say that’s not a good sign for the Spurs. Everyone knows what it means when they’re in a relationship and suddenly, the other person is too busy to have dinner or coffee or return a text. That’s usually a sign things are just about to end. If they haven’t already. And if Kawhi is attempting to ghost the Spurs, it’s going to be tough to turn that around. And if that’s the case, I’m not sure a meeting, one that Kawhi reportedly didn’t want, is going to change that.


And when it comes to this story, there is always a however, USA Today reported that this meeting had actually been scheduled for weeks and was not a response to the news that Kawhi wanted to be traded.  

So you have ESPN saying that it was something the Spurs had been working on for weeks and USA Today saying that it had been locked in for weeks. The people doing that reporting are all great reporters, so I don’t bring that up to point fingers or say that someone got hooked or that someone out-reported someone else. 

I bring it up to point out that this is one giant mystery. This whole story has been so weird and bizarre, starting with a quad injury that never went away, continuing with a player who was cleared to play and didn’t play, and then the reports that Kawhi wants to be traded, but hasn’t officially told the team that he wants to be traded, and that his shoe company wants him in a bigger market. And now we have a meeting that was either scheduled a long time in advance or took weeks to set up and only just happened. 

How did that guy and that team get to this place?

And even better, with as big a meeting as this was, nobody seems to know what was said in that meeting. 

So in a situation like this, it’s always good to check the social media of the player at the center of it. Let’s go over to Kawhi’s twitter page and you’ll find something very interesting... A retweet from the San Diego State Facilities and Game Operations account. 

Had a special guest today at the @goaztecs Jeff Jacobs #jamcenter. Thanks for stopping by @kawhileonard! #aztecmbb

Straight. Freaking. Fire. He just went there. Well, he didn’t JUST go there. The tweet was from three years ago and it was Kawhi’s last tweet. The guy has four tweets. Total. So don’t go to his twitter account expecting any insight at all. And don’t go there expecting to buy the special KL2 custom swag board that he mentioned in his second-to-last tweet. 

Potential trade partners have reached out to the Spurs, but it’s clear the Spurs don’t want to deal him. They want to turn this around. They want to get back on the same page with him, but if he really is furious with Pop, the organization and Tony Parker and doesn’t want to be there, they may not have any choice. You really don’t want a guy who doesn’t want to be there and you really don’t want that guy to walk and get nothing in return. 

Then again nobody really knows anything. I mean, would you have expected it to be any other way? Have you seen Gregg Popovich’s in-game interviews? Have you seen Kawhi’s twitter page? Neither side says anything. Ever. They don’t leak. They don’t give away info. This is all very on-brand for them. And I get it. It’s frustrating for everyone else, but I have to respect it.   

If this all seems gray and mysterious, that’s because it is. Or at least it is to everyone who isn’t a Laker fan. Because apparently Laker Fan knows exactly what’s up. Laker fans has all the Intel. Laker fan knows what time it is. Because Laker fans will tell you Kawhi was just meeting with Pop to negotiate the trade that will send him to LA and he’s also laying the ground work for LaMarcus Aldridge, Boogie Cousins, and Kevin Durant to join LeBron and PG in Staples as well. Because while the rest of the world doesn’t know anything as it relates to Kawhi, and where his head is at, Laker fan knows for a fact, LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George will be playing with the Lakers next year. And if Laker fan is saying it and re-rocking their car flags once again, that’s good enough for me. If Laker fan says it, it must be true.