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LeBron No-Shows At Pizza Party

He hinted at coming, but certainly didn’t say he was coming.

July 11, 2018 - 9:26 am

It’s been a week and a half since LeBron announced that he was going to be a Los Angeles Laker and there’s still a debate as to how he will be received. Will Laker fans ever truly accept him?

And you got your answer yesterday. Blaze Pizza, a fast-fire pizza chain that LeBron has invested in, tweeted that they would be giving out free pizza yesterday to celebrate LeBron’s arrival. LeBron retweeted it Monday with the comment: ‘Haven’t been to a pizza party in a minute Culver City? With a couple of emoji’s’

So that got people excited and got people thinking that he was going to show up at the Blaze Pizza in Culver City. Sorry, did I say excited? I meant insane. They lost their collective bleep.

As Torrey Hart from Yahoo tweeted: ‘Hundreds of people are lined up outside Blaze Pizza in Culver City (one since 7:30 a.m.) Awaiting @kingjames’ *potential* arrival. Franchise owner Tom Cook has no idea if or when he’s coming, found out about it the same way we all did.’

People showing up at 7:30 in the morning? Nobody in LA shows up early for anything. Ever.

The rule in LA is that if you’re 20 minutes late, you’re half an hour early, and these folks are rolling into Culver City at 7:30 AM? For an event that wasn’t supposed to start until 2? 

That’s so early I can’t even count how many hours early that is. Six and a half hours early for free pizza and a possible glimpse of LeBron? Did camping out the night before seem a little too extreme? 

I know that LA loves the idea of “free is me,” and that you could give away literal garbage and as long as it says “free,” people will show up, but this is extreme. That shows how much they love LeBron and that’s before he’s ever put on Lakers gear. 

There were kids with signs, people with wacky cars, and of course, plenty of Laker jerseys.

I’m guessing the crew that showed up and waited for hours for a glimpse of LeBron probably wasn’t the same group that was vandalizing his mural in Venice. 

And when a couple nice cars rolled up, people freaked out and sprinted at them, thinking it was LeBron. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

In fact, LeBron never did show. And honestly, if you really read that tweet, he hinted at coming, but certainly didn’t say he was coming. It would’ve been cool if he did, but yesterday definitely answered the question of whether or not Laker fans love LeBron. They do. They love LeBron like they love hyping Josh Hart summer league highlights, which is to say, a lot. An enormous amount. 

And if he does show up for a pizza party somewhere, the place is going to explode. So, yeah, I think those people who were claiming that LeBron would get booed at Staples are kind of wrong. Because if Laker fans are rolling this deep for fast-fired pizza in the middle of the day in the middle of the week just because of a LeBron tweet, I think this is going go just fine. 

If they’re this amped about free pizza, just imagine what’ll happen when he starts winning games and winning fans free tacos?!? The city’s coming off the rails.