The Hood’s Negotiation Skills

February 08, 2018 - 1:07 pm
Lost in the butt-hurt-ness of Josh McDaniels scorning Indy is one small detail: The Hood made him an offer he can't refuse. So while I know there are only 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL and McDaniels might have permanently removed himself as an option for 31 of them, what could the Colts do to match the Hood's reported offer of opening up the vault and letting McDaniels see behind the curtain? Be Honest: Nothing. Because if you spent 15 years working for that dude, 15 years of probably getting no more than a grunt hello in the morning or a grumble goodbye at midnight on his way out the door, how could you not stick around after a reported "15-hours of meetings" where the Hood promised to let him in on all the secrets. How he sees football. How he manages the salary cap. The dark arts of what makes The Hood, the hood. 15 hours? McDaniels was probably sold after like 15 minutes, but just spent the rest of the time trying to squeeze as much out of the situation as possible. Bob Kraft was probably like, "Josh, we can make you the highest paid assistant in the NFL. We can give you a four-year-extension. We can -- wink, wink -- promise that you'll be one of our candidates to replace Bill when he's ready to retire. And McDaniels was like, "all of that is fine and good, Bob -- but I've got a couple questions for Bill." Will you let me see your draft board? Will you let me sit in on trade talks? Can I help you with game planning? Can I have a say in drafting our next quarterback? Will you talk to me? Would you let me play with your Civil War figurines? Can you tell me what Ernie Adams really does? Will you show me how you cut those sweatshirt? And the fact that McDaniels is still there probably means the Hood say yes to all of it. I mean, what's it say that a decade and a half in and the Hood hadn't done this? That McDaniels had TB12 on weekly speed dial as they were breaking down plays, but Belichick probably walked into McDaniels office while he was cleaning it out and noticed a family photo -- Huh, Josh. You're married? I didn't know you had a wife. Or kids.  Again, I’m not condoning what McDaniels did. In fact, it was pretty scummy. I’ve got no issue with deciding your assistant’s job is better than the Indy’s head coaching job. No problem with him saying, I need to do what’s best for my family, and keep my kids in the school district there in. Hell, every decision Janet and I make with our children is based on the school district they’re in here. I get that. I even get his decision. I just don’t get the way he handled it. You don’t commit to another franchise. And get three other guys and their families commit to come work for you. You don’t do that and then not follow through on your word. Again, I have no issue with his decision, just how he handled it. Bad, bad look. That said, if we’re being real, I wonder how many of you listening are having a second thoughts about a job and then your current employer comes along with something better; how many of you would actually say, nope I gave my word to these guys across the street. Just be real. Just be honest. Some of you for sure. But not all of you. And not a lot of you who are killing this guy for just that. Be real, how many of you would actually say, nope, I gave my word, and I’m going to the place where I have all these doubts and concerns because I gave my word. Some of you would, and I respect the hell out of it; but a lot of you wouldn’t. So just don’t be a hypocrite about it. He jacked this for sure. Just don’t act like some of you wouldn’t do the same thing, because you would. And you know what happened there. They lost the Super Bowl, something they didn’t see coming; they lost their rocket scientist in Matt Patricia. They know the Hood isn’t long for the gig, they were about to lose McDaniels and though, damn, who’s going to take over when the Hood does step down. And figured, we better not let this guy get away. We can’t let anyone else coach Tommy and we’re going to need someone to take over for the Hood in a year or two. Ah screw it, give what he needs.  It’ll be another way for us to screw those bastards in Indy for Deflategate. And here we are. Here we freaking are.