Worst. Planning. Ever.

February 13, 2018 - 12:36 pm
It might be Tuesday but you best believe I’m doubling back to Sunday for a second. You think I’m gonna let an all-out Cavs wax job of the Celtics just bleed out on the cutting room floor because I was in the basement yesterday? Hell. Freaking No. Not when the Cavs absolutely detonated their team an hour before the deadline last week and then rolled the new guys through Bean Town two days later and straight cold-cocked Boston. Tell me you weren’t surprised that the rebooted Cavs mopped the Celtics by 22 and I’ll tell you you’re lying. No one saw that coming. And no one saw George Hill, Larry Nance, Jr., Jordan Clarkson, and Rodney Hood pouring in a combined 49 points their first night on the floor with LeBron. But it happened. And something else happened, too: The Cavs held an opponent under triple-digits for only the third time since Christmas. I said it on Friday and I’ll say it again: Any defense would be better than the defense the Cavs were playing—because they haven’t played defense at all this season. And just being in the neighborhood of decent on that side of the ball was going to be a monumental upgrade. And that’s where they’re living now. The Undefeated just dropped an article yesterday that detailed some moments after that game Sunday. Apparently, GM Koby Altman was so jacked that he waited outside the locker room to dap up his new squad after they walked off the floor. And the article also has J.R. Smith yelling out, “We got a bleeping squad now!” Swish joyfully dropping f-bombs and saying, “We got a bleeping squad now!” Is the highlight of the night. The lowlight of night was Paul Pierce blazered-up, waiting to hang his gamer in the rafters as his former team got curbed stomped in front of 20,000 totally disengaged fans. Remember a month ago when this dude didn’t want to share a second of his night with Isaiah Thomas? Pretty sure my man would have given the entire ceremony to I.T. after the Celtics laid down and sucked all the air out of the joint. Did you see this guy’s face? One of the best night’s of his life had just turned into one of the worst. And, maybe, you start to wonder if karma took a giant bite out of the cat for using up 40 minutes on the blower to make sure Danny Ainge didn’t give I.T. a video tribute that night. But the better question isn’t about karma. The better question is: Who the hell scheduled the jersey retirement for after the game? Who does that? And against the Cavs—of all teams. Maybe if the Suns or Mavs are rolling through town you bank on a win before the ceremony. But the Cavs?! The entire 4th quarter was garbage time! People left! And Truth just sat there watching fans hit the exits wondering why the hell didn’t they hang his shirt at halftime when it was a 12 point game? Worst. Planning. Ever. I’d say you’ll get ‘em next time, Truth. But there isn’t a next time. That was a once-in-a-career moment totally ruined by the awful planning. But, hey! At least there wasn’t a video tribute to I.T. who—wasn’t even in the building that night after all because he doesn’t play for the Cavs anymore. What a bad, bad night all around for the Celtics. Look, I get it, it’s just one game. Then again, maybe it’s not. Boston doesn’t have any reinforcements coming and Cleveland got theirs. And most importantly, LeBron is rejuvenated and  re-energized after Koby Altman carved some of that cancer out of that locker room and dumped a bunch of dead weight. As I said last week, LeBron no longer hates coming to work. And the rest of no longer hate watching them work. They’re definitely better, it’s now just a question of how much better. They were dead in the water a week ago, now they look they have a run in them.  Esp. In the east.