Ben Golliver

The Washington Post NBA writer and Jungle Icon talks Finals.

May 30, 2019 - 11:15 am

Info & Stats:  Washington Post NBA Writer

All Topics: Setting the scene for the 2019 NBA Finals | Toronto termites | Kawhi Leonard 2014 vs. today’s Kawhi | Kawhi’s future in Toronto | Masai Ujiri building the roster around Kawhi | Kevin Durant | Durant’s worth to Golden State | A little new blood with Toronto for this series | Plenty of storylines in the NBA Finals

May 30th 2019

May 13th 2019

All Topics: Toronto vs. 76ers series | Kawhi hitting the series winner | Toronto has to diversify their offense more against Milwaukee | Philadelphia 76ers | Elton Brand putting a lot of chips in the middle of the table on this postseason | Houston vs. Golden State series | Portland vs. Denver series | Houston’s summer |


Feb 22nd 2019

All Topics: Duke vs. North Carolina game was like a World Cup rivalry atmosphere | Zion Williamson injury | NBA All-Star Weekend | Scouts liking Zion more than Luka Doncic | Thoughts of Zion maybe shutting it down | Adam Silver on lowering the age limit to enter the NBA | Lakers vs. Rockets, last night | Microscope on Lakers | Brandon Ingram | Drama in Lakers franchise



Jan 24th 2019

All Topics: Good and terrible news in the NBA last night | Victor Oladipo injury | Indiana’s got a murder’s row schedule coming | Kevin Pritchard | James Harden going for 61 against the Knicks | Harden’s energy | The Golden State Warriors are a dream team |  DeMarcus Cousins | Nikola Jokic | Thinks Anthony Davis will be moved this season | New Orleans Pelicans have been awful | Los Angeles Lakers | LeBron needs to come back quickly



Nov 9th 2018

All Topics: Steph Curry in the Steve Kerr era | Milwaukee beating Golden State 134-110 last night | Curry’s injury last night | Curry’s legacy | Kevin Durant’s future | Steph Curry imitator’s | KD’s legacy | Houston Rockets struggles | Steve Kerr’s comments on Zion Williamson | Williamson’s future in the NBA | Kyrie Irving | Kyrie’s future in Boston


July 10th 2018

All Topics: Flash flood warnings in Vegas last night | Vegas Summer League | 2018 rookie class | The young bigs in Vegas | Covering Summer League for 10 years | Deandre Ayton and Mo Bamba | Ayton’s upside | LeBron James | Its fair to question whether or not LeBron Can still recruit great players to his team


June 1st 2018

All Topics: 2018 NBA Finals, Game 1 Reaction | LeBron James | LeBron’s incredible performance in Game 1 | Refs changing Kevin Durant – LeBron James call | Overtime | J. R. Smith brain fart | Shaun Livingston – Tristan Thompson | Draymond Green | Thompson and Kevin Love’s status for Game 2 | Kevin Durant |

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Apr 24th 2018

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Utah Jazz vs. OKC Thunder series | Jazz finish the Clippers last season | Miami vs. Philadelphia | LeBron James | LeBron on energy conservation | Golden State vs. San Antonio | Warriors without Steph Curry | Irie Craig book

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

Mar 26th 2018

All Topics: NBA All-Star Game | Fergie’s National Anthem | Being there for Fergie’s rough sound check too | LeBron wanting to take the All-Star game more serious | Players actually gave more effort | Foul strategy in an All-Star game | Joel Embiid | LeBron James vs. Fox News host | LeBron’s praise of LA | Kawhi Leonard’s disappearance