Spurs-Kawhi Drama

February 23, 2018 - 9:59 am
Something is obviously not right with Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs’ medical team has cleared Leonard to return from that right quad injury. But he’s saying he’s not ready to yet. And Gregg Popovich is saying publicly, Leonard may not play again this season. Look, this type of drama isn’t all that uncommon. Even for a star player. But it is for that franchise. And for that player. The Spurs are generally a drama free organization. This is really out of character for them. So, the question is, will they ultimately work this problem out, because there’s definitely a problem: if the team’s medical staff has cleared you to play and you’re still not playing, that’s a problem. Especially when you’re one of the five top players in the world. So the question isn’t do they have a problem, but how big of a problem do they have?  And will they work it out? Or has that bridge already been torched? Very un-Spurs and very un-Kawhi, or at least the public perception of him. Pop is amazing when it comes to relationships with players. And more importantly, with star players. And connecting with them so if anyone could do it, it’s him. But still it’s all so weird. So it’s hard to make any sort of prediction. The Spurs are reportedly on edge about it. I would be too if I were them. Because they’re probably not beating the Warriors with Kawhi, and they’re definitely not beating them without him. And until I see this guy back on the floor with the Spurs, I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking, what’s really gone on between the two sides during this entire process and whether or not he really wants to be there. I know this, even without talking to him, he can’t be in a good place, if the team says he’s been medically cleared to play and he’s not. I’m not saying he’s wrong. I am saying that’s never a good look for a player and there’s been a player who didn’t resent it when a team did it. I’m not saying this ends badly Spurs fan, I’m saying I don’t now how it ends. And that’s something you generally never say about the Spurs. This is weird. Unusual. And it might end badly. I know this.  Despite being third overall in the west, it does end with them winning a ring this season.