2/26/2018 Scandal, Truther, Majerle

February 26, 2018 - 12:18 pm
Hour 1 College Basketball Corruption | San Diego Station | Matt Norlander (College Basketball) Interview   Hour 2 Justin Thomas’ Play | Flat-Earth Truther? | San Diego Reaction About Station Change   Hour 3 Marcus Peters Trade | Dan Majerle (College Basketball) Interview | Daniel Jeremiah (NFL Draft) Interview   Guests    Takes The NCAA Has To Change College basketball had itself a weekend. Click Here for Entire Take Flat-Earth Truther? Listen, I get it. When Geno Smith is rifling passes into the stands, I question whether or not gravity exists, so it makes sense that he’d question whether the earth was round. Click Here for Entire Take JT Wins Honda Classic If I’m talking golf in February, you probably know why. Click Here for Entire Take