Daniel Jeremiah

NFL Network analyst on 2019 Season, draft prospects and more.

Jim Rome
November 14, 2019 - 10:25 am

Info & Stats: NFL Network Analyst

All Topics: Life right now | Xmas music and LSU wideout tape | San Francisco vs. Seattle on Monday Night was awesome | Jadeveon Clowney’s play | Minka Fitzpatrick | Miami trading Fitzpatrick to Pittsburgh | Vintage Russell Wilson Monday night | Impression of Wilson coming out of college | Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t have Wilson’s confidence | Kyle Shanahan is different | Pete Carroll’s energy | Joe Burrow’s tape

Nov 14th 2019


July 17th 2019

All Topics: NFL Training Camp | Certain camps opening today | Coaches complaining about not having enough time on the grass with the players | Kyler Murray reporting to Cards camp today | Kyler needing to adjust to the speed of the NFL | Carson Wentz’s MVP candidacy | Dak Prescott wanting a contract | Ezekiel Elliott wanting to get paid | Elliott having more leverage than Melvin Gordon | Traits that make a great quarterback | Traits that make a great running back


Feb 28th 2019

All Topics: 2019 NFL Combine | Front office perspective of the Combine | Meetings with players | The players are very coached up, so you have to fight for answers | Jason Witten returning to the Dallas Cowboys | Kyler Murray’s measurements | All in on Kyler now | Russell Wilson evaluation | Having Murray ahead of Dwayne Haskins on his board | Arizona having the 1st overall pick


Feb 12th 2019

All Topics: 2019 NFL Draft | Kyler Murray’s decision to play in the NFL or MLB | Kyler had to let the NFL he’s all in | Evaluating Kyler Murray | Murray’s size | Murray’s bulk is his biggest concern | Murray is more like Johnny Manziel than Baker Mayfield | Kyler in the interview room | Kyler’s energy | Kyler at the combine | Best fit for Kyler | Dwayne Haskins | Haskins hasn’t played a lot of football | Haskins can spin it | Nick Bosa is a bad dude |


All Topics: Cleveland taking Baker Mayfield #1 overall in 2018 NFL Draft | Doesn’t think Mayfield was best quarterback in draft | Josh Rosen | Sam Bradford’s life | Working the draft for a team | Draft room vibe | Baltimore moving up to get Lamar Jackson | Baltimore being very calculated with Jackson pick

Apr 27th 2018

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