Flat-Earth Truther?

February 26, 2018 - 10:53 am
On Saturday, Geno tweeted: 'I been studying this whole flat earth vs globe thing... And I think I may be with Kyrie on this... B4 you judge do some HW but what do you guys think?' First off, this is Geno Smith’s twitter account, right? The same Geno Smith who missed a Jets team meeting in California because he messed up his time zones. And now he’s talking about whether or not the earth is round? Fantastic. How do you feel now, New York Giants? You benched Eli Manning to start a guy who’s not sold on whether or not the Earth is round. I love that he says that he’s been “studying this whole flat earth vs globe thing” like it’s actually a thing. That makes about as much sense as saying, I’ve been tackling this gravity versus no gravity thing. I’m not sure what’s better – the initial tweet from Geno or some of his responses, like this one: ‘It wasn’t YouTube it started with an article on astronomy which then leads to the earth debate.. I too was in the mindset of it’s no way it’s not round until I listened... Still not sold but it’s worth a look’ I love that he refers to it as the “Earth debate,” like it’s actually a serious debate that serious people are. Discussing in the halls of universities and not something bandied about by kooks in internet chat rooms. And then there’s this one: ‘I find it funny how you all assume I believe Earth is flat lol I just think you guys should have an open mind because as we know a lot of the “truths” that we thought were true actually aren’t’ Yep, just have an open mind. That’s all he’s asking. That’s frequently the fallback for someone who’s actually pretty into an insane idea, but doesn’t really want to nail their colors to the mast. Just have an open mind, man. Free your mind from the constraints of physics and science. Listen, I get it. When Geno Smith is rifling passes into the stands, I question whether or not gravity exists, so it makes sense that he’d question whether the earth was round. And one person pointed out: ‘We’ve seen pictures of earth from the moon.’ Good point. But Geno was ready: In this day and age with Photoshop and everything else you trusting a picture... Any video footage? Great rebuttal. I mean, I’m tempted to say that Photoshop wasn’t a thing when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, but I’m guessing Geno is going “faked on a soundstage” with that. Geno didn’t exactly present an organized argument one way or the other. I guess you could say he was all over the globe, I mean, flat plane, with it. Like with this tweet: I’m not debating on this topic I just want to see the responses.. I think it’s a good conversation. That’s the thing. It’s not a good conversation. It’s a completely ridiculous, totally embarrassing conversation that makes everyone dumber. And as always, I’m not sure what to make of guys going flat-earth truther. They’re either faking their belief and they’re weird. Or they’re serious and they’re seriously weird. I’m all in favor of questioning a lot of things, but if you’re going to question science, the earth and the moon, don’t do it on Twitter. Have the courage to do it to Buzz Aldrin’s face.