February 28, 2018 - 10:05 am
The Jacksonville Jaguars are having themselves a week! Well, actually, they’ve had themselves quite a few months. They went from being the laughingstock of the league to being minutes away from the Super Bowl. And then this week, they announced that they were signing Blake Bortles to an extension. Maybe ten minutes ago, folks in and out of J Ville were trying to run this dude out of the league; now, he’s getting a multi-year, multi-million dollar extension. And even more shocking than that, but respect. Actual respect. And most of all, it’s coming from the place it matters most, his own locker room. Sort of. Kind of. Not really. Check this tweet from Leonard Fournette: ‘Congrats to you brother. Now spend some of that on yo mouth. Ya breath be killing the huddle saying the plays’ Duuuuuvalllllll! Damn, that is a strong tweet. And it sounds like Bortles has some strong breath. Congrats on the new deal, now guy buy yourself whatever you want. You earned it. You deserve it.  Whatever you want. Just make sure you start with a bottle of scope. Or a toothbrush. Or . Tic-tacs. Or Binaca, Bortles. To hell with it; buy all those things, because you stink, Blake. But that wasn’t even the strongest tweet from a Jag this week. That honor goes to Jalen Ramsey, because of course it would go to Jalen Ramsey. And it requires a little set-up. Tim Brewster is the new tight ends coach at Texas A&M under Jimbo Fisher. And Brewster has been very active on twitter. Including the following tweet: Double fire emjoji “DB Alert” followed by two more fire emoji’s and then “Nothing but real #Facts‼ ComeGetSomeTruth!!” with a photo of Jimbo Fisher and eight defensive backs playing in the NFL and their average player earnings. I mean if you’re going double fire emoji and then chasing that with another double fire emoji and then capping it off with a “ComeGetSomeTruth” you ain’t playing. It doesn’t get any more LOOK AT ME OR LOOK AT US, THAN THAT. In other words, if you play for Jimbo at A&M, you’ll be the next guy in that pic and the next guy to get start stacking cash. The kind of thing that’s going to get some buzz on the recruiting trail and get guys thinking that College Station is the place you go to play D.B. One problem, one of the guys in that pic is Jalen Ramsey. And Jalen Ramsey has thoughts. And a twitter account. And he’s not afraid to use it. He didn’t teach me not one DB technique... #ComeGetSomeRealTruth #GoNoles STRAIGHT FREAKING FIRE. #ComeGetSomeRealTruth Brewster went double-double fire emoji and Ramsey went deca-fire emoji, without even using an emoji. That’s the very definition of “Boom! Roasted!” There is just a crater left where Brewster's tweet once stood. And even worse for Brewster and company, the original tweet got 379 RTs. Ramsey’s response got 26K. Talk about backfiring. But Ramsey wasn’t done. He followed that up with: “Know I have nothing but respect for you Coach Brew but don’t use me on a poster for a school I didn’t go to & for a coach who didn’t teach me how to be a DB.” That is a finishing move. Because he’s not being rude. He’s going respectful, but he respectfully ended Brewster right there. The coach tried to salvage some dignity with a tweet that read “Nothing but love and respect for you @jalenramsey always!!” But the damage was done. I’m surprised he didn’t just delete his account right then and there. He probably should’ve. Because there are a couple of rules in life: Do not throw at Jalen Ramsey on the field. And do not come for him on Twitter. You can’t beat him with an out-route and you can’t beat him with a clever tweet. It’s not happening. And you will just end up looking stupid. #ComeGetSomeRealTruth. Keep Jalen Ramsey’s name out your mouth. And his handle off your feed.