Fake National Championship Trophies?

March 01, 2018 - 11:40 am
Back in December, Texas A&M hired Jimbo Fisher. When you can get a guy with a national championship on his resume, you have to be pretty pleased with yourself. And they were. And they should be. And sure, in order to get their guy, they probably over their guy,  giving him a 10 year, $75 million contract, something they were cracked for, and understandably so. Then again, it’s not my dough; you got your guy so what difference does it make, right? Well, things haven’t exactly gone swimmingly since then. In fact, just yesterday, we were talking about how assistant coach Tim Brewster’s tweet about Jimbo’s defensive backs backfired when one of Jimbo’s former defensive backs, Jalen Ramsey, tweeted that He didn’t teach me not one DB technique... #comegetsomerealtruth #gonoles That was embarrassing, but that kind of thing will happen. Especially when you’re feeling as good about yourself as A&M is feeling about itself. I mean with the way A&M has been acting, you’d think they’d already won the national championship. Then again, maybe they have. Because now there’s word that Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp gave Jimbo a national championship plaque that was undated. As in, he’s going to win a national championship, it’s only a matter of what year. Like damn!!! That’s some fire!! That’s incredible. No, it’s not. A dateless national championship plaque? Holy freaking crap. Are you running a football program or a lame-ass motivational poster kiosk in the mall. That is the weakest Successory ever. The picture of the guys rowing with TEAMWORK in giant letters beneath it can’t believe how weak that is. The dateless trophy is ripped straight from the “bury the football and game tape from a bad game” playbook. What the hell is going on at A&M? This is a proud football program or at least I thought it was. Instead, they’re acting like a bunch of try-hards. These dudes cannot stop themselves from stepping in it. Seriously, are you just trying to do things that will make it easier for other programs to clown you? I know you haven’t been able to claim a national title in nearly 80 years and you’re first Heisman winner in half a century is currently trying to tweet his way back off the bust-list and back onto a roster, but damn, at least act like you’ve been there before. You’re the program of Leeland McElroy and Von Miller. You don’t need to be giving yourselves phony plaques for things you haven’t accomplished. And probably never will. Fake national championship trophies? Dudes who writing a check for a million dollars to themselves as motivation think that a blank national championship trophy is tired. You got your coach. That’s great. But it seems like ever since you got your coach you’ve been acting like dopes. Stop putting up dumb tweets. Stop giving each other fake trophies. Just stop all of it. You’re embarrassing yourselves.