2006 O.J. ‘If I Did It’ Interview To Air

March 02, 2018 - 11:57 am
Mark your calendars, Clones. Your Christmas is about to come nine months early. Trust me. Get a red sharpie right now and circle, Sunday, March 11th. Because in nine days—FOX is going to air an interview between your all-time favorite double-murderer—and the ghost writer who helped him publish the horribly misguided, hypothetical confession book, “If I Did It.” Look, I hesitate to even give this a shred of run on my show. But I might as well get out in front of it and control what I can, while I can. TMZ’s got the scoop—and apparently they’ve learned that FOX has been sitting on a tape of Orenthal being interviewed by Judith Regan—who wrote the book with Oadge. The interview was recorded and produced 12 years ago as some kind of publicity stunt for the tell-all. But before it was set to air in 2006, FOX killed it under heavy objection from the Goldman’s and Brown’s. That’s all changed now because both families are on-board with what’s about to down next Sunday. And what’s about to go down, according to TMZ, is O.J. speaking in the third person about the night of the murders. According to TMZ, O.J. discusses, hypnotically, about rolling up on Nicole’s house to, “scare the bleep out her.” But in Oadge’s hypothetical recollection of the events, he weirdly slips into the first person and talks about an accomplice who was with him that night. O.J. also says, in the interview about to air Sunday, according to TMZ, that he looked in Nicole’s window, saw burning candles, and believed she was expecting someone. And when he saw Ron Goldman, he started screaming in rage, Nicole ran out of the house, and he “blacked out” and came to covered in blood. That’s what we know, about what TMZ knows, about the FOX special airing next Sunday. Bottom line is this: 24 years after the murders of Ron and Nicole—we’re all still talking about it. The most bizarre story in American pop-culture is still as evergreen as it ever WAS. And FOX can’t wait to double back with an interview that might give some new information to a case in which we all already know what happened. Does it matter Oadge might have had a wheel man? Or someone else on the scene? Not to me, it doesn’t. I know what happened. I know who did it. But I also know it sure as hell matters to all you. And that’s why I’m seriously considering taking Monday, March 12th off. Because I know how those three hours are going to go. And I know you ghouls are all already planning your watch parties and charging up your blowers to live tweet the Sunday special. And I know my handle will be in every one of those terrible one liners. 24 years later and this is still a thing. Still something I can’t get away from. Because you won’t let me. I'd tell you all to keep moving. But I know you won't. March 11th is about to be best the night of your lives--and March 12th is about the worst day of mine.