Stop Reading Comments, Bru

March 07, 2018 - 12:47 pm
Another day, another athlete getting hooked on social media. Today’s sucker. Dez Bryant. There’s been a ton of speculation about Dez’s future in Dallas. Is he the player he once was? Are they going to bring him back? Are they going to bring him back and make him take a pay cut. Could they cut him outright? Is that Stephen Jones cracking him? Is that Stephen’s old man hyping him. What’s going to happen to Dez? No one really knows.  And everyone is looking for a sign. And it appeared that Dez gave it to them when he  ‘grammed a photo of him in a Cowboys gamer, with a caption that simply read: “X” So…was he looking to send some cryptic, subliminal message with the X? Exactly what did Dez mean by that. I don’t know. But what it means and what it turned out to be are two totally different things, but what it turned out to be was a bullseye for every troll on the Internet to take aim. Because they did. And next thing he knows, his notifications are stacked with hate and people killing him for wanting out to Dallas. Not ideal, but knowing Dez, we know he handled this the right way…. but setting the phone done and just ignoring the whole thing. EHHHHHH!!! SURE HE DIDN’T! Yeah right. He actually flipped over to Twitter to vent the hell out. He tweeted: "WTF are wrong with you people? I posted a BLEEPING picture... BLEEP starting to piss me off now... it’s me in a Dallas Cowboys uniform...where I belong... get a life please lol." He’s since deleted the tweet, but come on Dez, you know by now. The Internet… is…. in… ink. You cannot erase it. You could delete your twitter account altogether but not the tweets you thumbed out from it before you nuked it. How this guy doesn’t know this at this point, is a miracle to me. How anyone with a blue check next to their name doesn’t know this by now is a miracle. As if Dallas didn’t already have enough distractions and problems with Jerruh beefing with Rojah, Zeke Elliott getting suspended and the team watching the playoffs from the couch once again. The last thing they need is for their star wideout to get hooked by I.G. trolls. Again. You’re not a rookie anymore. You’ve been around long enough, played with that star on the side of your helmet long enough; you understand how this goes. Or at least you should. At this point in your career, we shouldn’t have to spell this out for you. But luckily some dude named @Rob_N_Yeezy on Twitter did, tweeting  at Dez  “Stop reading comments. Not hard, bruh.” There he is. The smartest dude on the internet. Rob N Yeezy. Stop reading comments. Not hard, bru. That tweet should be plastered onto a sign that players have to slap every time they leave the locker room. You know like instead of “Play Like a Champion Today” it’s now “Stop reading comments. Not hard, bruh.” Dez actually retweeted that tweet and said: “I’m getting texted messages. I don’t give a damn for the most part.” Hold up. You don’t give a damn for the most part? You literally said “BLEEP starting to piss me off now in your deleted tweet. I mean, damn what the hell would happen if you DID give a damn?! Let this be a message to you Dez. And every athlete everywhere. If you’re not going to listen to me, listen to Rob Yeezy. “Stop reading comments. Not hard, bruh.”