All In On Baker Mayfield

March 15, 2018 - 12:01 pm
Oklahoma held their Pro Day yesterday. That meant left tackle Orlando Brown had a chance to redeem himself after a tough combine. Wideout Jeff Badet popped some stopwatches when he blazed a downright freaky 4.27 forty. And Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield got his close-up as he spun the rock for scouts and coaches looking for a starting quarterback. Even if it was Day 1 of free agency, the Shield turned out for this Pro Day. Marvin Lewis. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan. John Elway. Brass from the Giants, Chargers and Dolphins. If you were looking for a QB, you were looking at Mayfield, who completed 62 of his 70 throws against air. One of those was a drop. Seven were uncatchable. And while I'm not sure you're going to learn anything from watching this dude in joggers throwing against air that you didn't see when he was carving up the Big 12, I will say this: Bakes rocked the most electric look at a Pro Day I’ve ever seen. I know most scouts were there to evaluate Mayfield the quarterback. But I can't get past Mayfield’s wardrobe. Dude might as well have hopped into a time machine and come back as the greatest 80s movie villain ever. All black sweatsuit straight from Johnny Lawrence's closet. White and Crimson bandana. This dude looked like he just beat Daniel Larusso's ass in some Reseda valley, stole his bike, and made out with Elizabeth Shue. And while I know what a guy wears at his Pro Day shouldn't be the story, in this case, I don't see how it can't be. Because don't focus on the absolutely fire ensemble. Focus on what the look says. It says, I'm just fine playing the villain. I'm at my best when I'm drenched in black. Boulder-sized chip of granite on my shoulder. And while I’ll say and do all the right things -- sell you on my competitiveness, my love of football, that I'm not Johnny Manziel -- what I really want to do is look every team in the eye that passes on me before I go out and rip the beating hearts straight from their chests. That's why I think this guy is so electric. Because while he had to do the dance and sing the song, what he really wants to do is guzzle a tanker truck worth of fuel and then go fire-breathing dragon on fools. Hell, he took time on his Pro Day to light up Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger for taking a shot at Zeus Jr's 5.85 40 time. That's not just Red River Rivalry Smack. That's Texas High School Football Smack. Biggest day of his professional career and he's repping OU and Lake Travis and putting his rival into the ground. I've said it before and I’ll say it again: I think what this kid does on the football field is special. He's got "it" for days. And while I'm not here to excuse some of the dumb things he's done -- especially the off-field stuff -- I think he absolutely needs to be in the mix for the first quarterback picked. I thought that before his Pro Day. And I know it now. Some guys were made to play the villain. And Bakes is one of them.