Khabib’s BK-Conor Smack

March 15, 2018 - 11:42 am
Been a minute since we checked up on the Notorious Conor McGregor—outside of his Gram post last month when he said it’s on the UFC to come get him and signed it, the Champ Champ. Dude’s been reclining on a fat stack of paper since the Floyd fight—but still talks junk like nobody else ever has. Which is why I can’t wait to see how he responds to Khabib Nurmagomedov just pulled the pin on a quad-stack BK Whopper and lobbed the sando right at the feet of Conor Mac. If you know the fight game, you know Khabib is one of the best lightweights ever and has been angling for a shot at McGregor for a long time. He’s even threatened to quit the UFC if he didn’t get it. That threat was never followed through on and the Russian ran out his undefeated record to 25-0 last December in Vegas at UFC 219. But yesterday when he was talking to our buddy, Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, he used the opportunity to run some smack on Conor—and used the Champ Champ’s recent Burger King commercial as ammo. If you haven’t seen the spot—Conor meets the BK King on a private jet to try out the new spicy chicken sando.
  Just a couple of kings crushing spicy chicken on a private jet. But Khabib spun that into some pretty great smack when he told Iole, “A lot of people call McGregor the King but he’s not like a king. Now he’s the Burger King. He has money, he has a good life. He’s a famous guy. I think it’s better for him if he stays away from good fighters in the lightweight division. Stay away. This is not a Burger King’s sport. This is for real fighters. Why does he have to come back for somebody to smash his face? Stay away. This is the UFC, baby.” Shots. Freaking. Fired. And again, the best part isn’t the awesome Burger King scud that Khabib got off—it’s knowing that Conor isn’t just going to stand in and not counter. Khabib just talked trash to king of trash talk. He ran up on and pelted the biggest, baddest dude in the yard and got off a great opening salvo. But I can’t wait for the response. Because Conor is a guy that will go to places others won’t. Like getting on Floyd with illiteracy smack.
Yes, I’d rather see these two horses touch ‘em up in the cage then trade spit over social media and Yahoo interviews. But Conor isn’t coming back till the money is right. And so far the money hasn’t been right. Because this dude just brought a duffle bag to the bank back in August that says he never has to fight again if he doesn’t want to. Only time will tell if there’s a contract big enough to get Conor back into octagon. But while we wait on that uncertainty—you best believe he’ll have some verbal nuke for Khabib. And if we can’t see this dude fight—at least we bank on the King of Trash Talk doing what he does best. And the last time he exchanged words like this with a fighter—they ended up going 10 rounds at T-Mobile. So we’ll see if this leads to anything. But in the meantime—I’ve got my popcorn ready for the response.