1/14/2020 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: LSU Tigers, Houston Astros, Ham

Jim Rome
January 14, 2020 - 12:57 pm
Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence

USA Today


Hour 1

LSU vs. Clemson Reaction | Fred Warner (49ers) Interview | Dennis Dodd (National Title) Interview

Hour 2

LSU Celebration Of Ham And Cigars | Lorenzo Alexander (Bills) Interview | What’s Your Beef?

Hour 3

Houston Astros Scandal | Astros Reaction | Robert In Oklahoma Has A Punishment Idea For Astros



Coach O

15-0. Edward James Orgeron Jr, also known as Coach O, is now known as a national champion.
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Astros Cheating Scandal

MLB hands down discipline.
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A Ham Sando And Some Cigars

Now that's how you celebrate a natty title.
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