Tom Brady

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1/21/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Guests: Paul Maurice, Ethan Happ, James Jones

January 21, 2019 - 12:46 pm

Hour 1

The Refs Sunday | KC’s Reaction And FlightDeck’s Ticket | James Jones (NFL) Interview

Hour 2

Pats vs. Chiefs Reaction | Ethan Happ (College Basketball) Interview | Championship Game Reaction

Hour 3

Chiefs Fan, You OK? | Paul Maurice (NHL) Interview | Jared Freakin Goff



Chiefs Fans

How are you feeling today?
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Same. Damn. Pats.

The Pats are done when Tom and the Hood say they're done.
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The Refs

The day after a pair of great title games, I can’t talk about the games or the players.
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