Dabo Swinney

USA Today

1/8/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Guests: Pat Forde, Clayton Geathers, Sam Amick

January 08, 2019 - 1:00 pm

Hour 1

Clemson vs. Alabama Reaction | Callers React To Title Game | The Future Of Clemson Football

Hour 2

Pat Forde (College Football) Interview | Sam Amick (NBA) Interview | Nick Saban’s Legacy

Hour 3

Clayton Geathers (NFL) Interview | Andy Reid Celebrity Sighting | Hawk Calls In On Sick Day



A Nice Swift Ass Kicking

Dabo didn't just put a clownsuit on Nick last night. He ran a lap around his program.
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The Future At Clemson Is Bright

The Tigers are sitting on top of the mountain and they aren’t going anywhere.
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Saban’s Legacy

Can the GOAT really get beaten like that on the biggest stage?
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