Want some disrespect?

Jim Rome
December 05, 2019 - 9:35 am
LeBron James

USA Today


Remember how Laker fans were feeling it yesterday morning? Remember how fired up they were after what went down in Denver?

Yesterday was just a bad day for Laker haters, because they had to listen to Laker fans crack back on that strength of schedule rap. But Laker haters knew they had something coming last night. Laker haters knew the Lakers had to go to Utah for the second game of a back to back. Denver to Utah is a rough trip, especially the way the Jazz can defend. So Laker hater knew to stay down after the Lakers beat down the Nuggets. But they also knew last night was the night where the Lakers lie down, and then they come running back in to snap flags off Laker fan’s rig and talk all their junk. Because while the Lakers may have beaten the Nuggets, they were about to get locked up by the Jazz:

‘Scuse me, my bad!

LA 121
Utah 96

A second game of the back to back beatdown. LA rolled into town, hammered the Jazz, took off their shoes, and pissed off the Jazz announcers. I’ll get to that in a minute. 

But let me say once again, it’s really hard to have a statement win in December – but going on the road to beat Denver and Utah in back to back nights is about as close to a statement as you can get. 

Strength of schedule? Try this 25 point blowout in Utah on for size. And a game in which they were able to get a ton of rest. Neither LeBron nor Anthony Davis played more than 29 minutes last night. 

And it wasn’t just the win, it was how they won. They pushed the pace on offense, which is crazy considering the back to back. And here’s the other thing – the defense.

I’ll get to some of the highlights in a moment, but let’s talk about the defense. Remember when Frank Vogel was hired and everyone clowned that decision? Yeah, who’s clowning that now? He’s the western conference coach of the month and front runner for coach of the year. Because he doesn’t just have them playing defense, he has them playing elite defense.

And doing it with energy and aggression. The fact that everyone is locked in defensively and on the same page defensively this early in the season is amazing. It really is a true testament to Vogel as a coach.

Of course, it helps when you have Anthony Davis playing at a defensive player of the year level and doing things like this.  

That’s not fair. A big isn’t supposed to be able to close out on like that, fly by like that, and then recover like that. He’ll guard whoever you have and there’s a good chance he’ll shut them down. Just ask Denver. And now you can ask Utah. 

And if we’re talking about AD as the DPOY, might as well just consider him from MVP as well. Because he is doing stuff like this. 

And like this.

Split the double team with a spin move and dunk on a third guy. Sixty percent of the Utah players on the court had a chance to stop him and none of them could. 

No wonder Rajon Rondo is saying stuff like this: "I got him as MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. So, if he only gets one, I’ll be pissed.”


And don’t sleep on the work that LeBron is doing. He went for 20 points, 12 assists, and one epic travel.

And yes, Laker haters, that’s about the only thing you can hang your hat on after last night. That LeBron took about four steps and didn’t get called for it. He’s about as shocked as you are that it happened and that it didn’t get called. 

That was pretty bad, and pretty hilarious. Almost as hilarious as what happened near the end of the game with LeBron. But before we get into that, there is one more highlight.

Because that’s what this Lakers team is – the new highlight factory. You had Alex Caruso doing his thing in Denver on Tuesday night.

And Dwight Howard doing this in Utah on Wednesday night.

That’s not Dwight Howard hitting a three, that’s Dwight Howard hitting a jab-step three. That is elite. And unreal. The continued transformation of Dwight Howard over the last few months remains the most stunning things I’ve seen in a long time.

But if you want to talk about seeing stunning things, the Utah Jazz announcers damn near lost their minds when Kyle Kuzma had back to back blocks and LeBron started to celebrate. 

Did you hear that? You would’ve thought that LeBron had come onto the court and stomped all over the Utah logo. Or went Randy Moss moon on it.


Your beef with this is that he’s not wearing shoes? What kind of a weird issue is that? He’s disrespecting the game with that? Get out of here with that. 

Fellas, he had taken his shoes off and given them to some kids. Shouldn’t you be applauding that gesture instead of killing him for it??

Man those guys were worked up. I thought the Jazz broadcasters were going to go Lamar Thomas on that. They were about to go down the elevator to get in that thing. 

I haven’t heard a broadcaster that bent out of shape over something insignificant since Mike Patrick was getting all worked up over Britney Spears

Fellas, it’s a game. And it’s one that your team was losing by 20 at the time. So if you want to be pissed about anything be pissed about that: because LeBron didn’t disrespect you, or the game, or you fans: in fact, he hooked a. Young fan up. Go ask that kid if he felt disrespected, or if that gift made his life and will be something he always remembers.  Is that what this has come to? You can’t kill the Lakers, for not having played or beaten anyone who matters after they went back to back on Denver and Utah on the road, so you have to come running in to crack on LeBron for disrespecting the game. Get the hell outta here with that. He looks great. They look great. And the more noise you all make, the worse you all look.

They just won back to back on the road against a pair of teams you probably had ahead of them before the season. They have a winning record against teams with winning records. They have the Coach of the Year and the Defensive Player of the Year, and they have LeBron and Caruso. And Dwight. You all buried them before the season and can’t come off that point. It’s okay to admit you were wrong. Just like its fine for people to admit they might not have been right when they said Melo would bomb in Portland. Because the more you stick to it, the worse you look.

To quote that Jazz announcer, that’s some disrespect right there.

19-3. Y’All. 19-3. LeBron’s aged out, and Vogel is warming Jason Kidd’s seat. Idiots!