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August 12, 2019 - 11:11 am

Let me say one thing before I get into this next topic: preseason football does not matter. They are exhibition games. The most important thing to happen in preseason football is that guys don’t get injured.

That said…


The only question now is what parade route we take when we win the Super Bowl. Yes, I said we. Because this is America’s Team. And they showed you on Thursday night what they’re all about.

The Browns offense, I mean, America’s offense, came out on the opening drive against Washington and went no-huddle. Not only did they go no-huddle, but they told Washington they were going to go no-huddle, and they still carved up Washington.

7 plays, 89 yards, barely more than 2 minutes. Baker Mayfield was 6 for 7 for 77 yards, capped off by this:

That was devastating. And that was without Odell and Jarvis, who did not play. I don’t want to read too much into one drive in one preseason game, but what the hell – sure I will. That was awesome.

It had to be all scripted out, right? Wrong. Here’s what America’s QB had to say about it:

"No, we were calling it as it goes. We kind of had an idea of what we wanted to do not really knowing exactly what they were going to come out when we were playing that fast. It was just seeing the adjustments and checking the ball down when they are carrying their seams and stuff like that. Get the ball down to your back quickly and let them do some work, and they did a good job."

It’s a moment like that opening drive, or the way the offense has been showing up in camp, that had quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley saying this about Baker over the weekend: "I’ve joked before, he's like a mustang. You don't want to reign him in because a lot of that stuff is what makes plays on Sundays for him. He's one of the best I’ve seen in that regard."

You can’t reign him in. He is like a mustang. And that offense is loaded with horse

But if you want to focus all your attention on Cleveland’s offense, I wouldn’t blame you. Just know that you’re sleeping on a nasty, ball-hawking defense.

Check Mack Wilson.

How about Greedy Williams?

This defense gets after it. Even when you think you’ve completed a pass on them, you aren’t safe.

What an absolutely demoralizing showing for Washington. They just ran into an absolute buzzsaw. Cleveland was all over them offensively and defensively.

But then again, as every tired analyst would tell you, football is about all three facets of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. So how about some special teams? 


The guy who didn't play big-time college football, the guy who couldn't get onto a D-1 roster, the guy who hustled, faked, and bluffed his way into a tryout, the guy who was sleeping outside because he didn't have money for a hotel. 

Well, he was in Browns gear on Thursday night and he was deep to return this punt. Roll it.

Freaking Goosebumps.

That is how you do it if you’re DSG. That is how you do it if you’re Baker Mayfield. And how you do it if you’re the Cleveland Browns.

They took a huge step last year. They’re in the spotlight this year and after sixty minutes, they are showing they can handle it.

Again, it’s preseason. Nothing matters in the preseason. Nothing matters except those highlights. Those highlights are everything. Because they show you a team that isn’t scared of the moment. They know the pressure that’s on them and they showed up.  

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: they are not here to take part, they are here to take over. Freaking America’s team. I said it last year. I said it again this today. And I’m going to keep saying it. I love these guys.