2019 Los Angeles Dodgers

East Coast roadie...  

Jim Rome
July 16, 2019 - 10:10 am
Los Angeles Dodgers

USA Today


The Los Angeles Dodgers are on the East Coast right now and that means that all of you who don’t have the chance to see them every night are getting a look at them. And that look is good. Because this team is good. Really, really good. Not just talented, but tough as hell. And patient. And they will beat you in so many different ways.

Take Sunday night in Boston for example. The final game of a rare trip to Fenway for the Dodgers.

And they made it last 12 innings. 5 hours and 40 minutes. And came away with a 7-4 win. After the offense no-showed on Friday night, they scored 18 runs on Saturday and Sunday. And Sunday night was a clinic in Dodgers baseball. They don’t just mash, they make you work. Even when they aren’t scoring, they make you work.

They drew 24 pitches in the 10th inning.
27 the 11th.
36 in the 12th.

Boston went through 13 relievers on Saturday and Sunday. They grind pitching staffs and bullpens into a pulp. They exhaust you mentally and physically.

And they did it again Sunday night, only this time, the Dodgers, who have walked off more than their share of games this year, won that game with a go-head RBI walk. 

And then they ate dinner at 1am. And took off for Philadelphia just before 3am. So if there was ever a game where the Dodgers wouldn’t be the Dodgers, where they wouldn’t show up the way they’ve shown up all year, it was last night. Coming off a nearly 6 hour game in Boston, landing in Philadelphia around sunrise, there was no way the Dodgers would show up last night.

They went hitless through the first three innings. And trailed 1-0. But then they went to work in the fourth.

RBI double
RBI infield single
RBI single
RBI bunt
RBI single

And then this...

That’s Austin Barnes stealing home. Correction, that’s catcher Austin Barnes stealing home. And that’s the Dodgers fitting the Phillies for a clown suit. That’s almost cruel, and inhumane just toying with a team like that. If you did that in little league, the parents of the Phillies players would be pissed and probably looking to fight someone. Because that wasn’t just a beating, that was an embarrassment.  A catcher?!  Stealing home?!  That’s an all timer.  And an all-time bad look for the team that allowed it to happen.

And it was just getting started. Because here’s Cody Bellinger in the top of the 5th

And here’s Bellinger in the top of the 7th

That gave the Dodgers an 8-1 lead and Bellinger the NL lead in homers. And the ball was barely over the fence before Max Muncy came up after him and went yard.

And the Dodgers still weren’t done. Five more in the eighth. Two more in the ninth. They kept piling it on until the madness finally stopped at 16-2. They were scoring with homers, with infield hits, with bunts, and a double-steal.

And there was something else from last night.

Did you hear it?

Not just the Dodgers racking up runs, but the MVP chants for Bellinger. MVP chants three thousand miles from home.

That’s because Dodger fans were showing up in Boston and Philly. And bringing the noise. Not just busting out the MVP chant for Bellinger, but the “overrated” chant for Bryce Harper. 

As Bellinger said, "It was pretty special. We're in Philadelphia. We shouldn't have that many fans here. That was pretty cool."

That was more than cool, that was damn impressive. By the team and by the fans. So for all you east coast honks who claim that LA doesn’t love baseball, not only is the team showing up and wrecking shop in your time zone, but so are the fans. 

And no, beating up on a struggling Phillies team in July doesn’t mean that the Dodgers are going to win the World Series this year. And they do have issues in that bullpen. It’s not as reliable as they’d like it to be. As it needs to be.

But when you play nearly six hours in Boston on Sunday night, get into Philadelphia around dawn on Monday morning, and then drop a 16-spot on the Phillies head on Monday night, you aren’t just good, you’re tough. The kind of toughness that wins games in October. That kind of toughness wins you world championships.

So, East Coast, the excuses are over. You can’t claim that you don’t know if the Dodgers are good or not. You can’t go East Coast Bias on this one and say they do all this work after you go to bed. Because they’re in your house, posted up in your living room, and pounding your teams. And having a blast. And to quote Ashlyn Harris, you’re bleeping welcome for this content. Stop acting like you don’t know, because you never see them; now you have, and now you know. Put some respect on them.