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2019 New York Giants

I have absolutely no idea what the hell the Giants are doing.

March 13, 2019 - 12:36 pm

If the Cleveland Browns woke up feeling dangerous, The New York Giants woke up feeling…well, hell…I have no absolutely no idea how the New York Giants woke up feeling. Because I have absolutely no idea what the hell the New York Giants are doing.

The Cleveland Browns were horrible for a long time, but they’re changing that. The Cleveland Browns have a plan. The New York Giants plan is to not have a plan.

Giants’ fans, I wish I could tell you this was about one bad trade. Or that things are darkest before the dawn. But this is so much worse than the Odell Beckham trade. And that’s saying something, because the Odell Beckham trade was awful. 

I’m not going to turn this into a full-blown recap of everything that Dave Gettleman has done since he arrived as the man in charge. Like I’m not going to mention the idea of taking a running back instead of a quarterback last year. That’s been covered extensively. 

We all know that he passed on the chance to take a quarterback in what was regarded as an excellent quarterback class. We all know that he passed on the chance to bring in a young quarterback and give him a target like Odell Beckham Jr. 

If you’re Dave Gettleman and you’ve got a great young receiver in Beckham, the ideal would be to match him with a great young quarterback. And Gettleman just matched a great young receiver with a great young quarterback…in Cleveland. Heyyyyyy-oooooo!

But instead of taking a quarterback last year, they took Saquon Barkley. And that debate is already tired and beaten into the ground, kind of like how Barkley might be next year when there’s absolutely no passing game. 

But instead of finding Eli’s replacement last year, when the class was strong, they kicked it to this year, when the class was weak. Or even further down the road to next year. 

The bigger problem is that the Giants treated last year’s draft like they were actually a good team. 

The most dangerous thing in life aren’t dumb people, its dumb people who think they’re smart. 

And the most dangerous thing in football isn’t bad teams, its bad teams who think they’re good. That’s what the Giants were last year. They were a tanking franchise and they didn’t even know it. 

They acted like they were a running back away from being great, and then promptly started 1-7. And then looked in the mirror, realized how bad they were, and started tearing the whole thing down. And even that didn’t go well. One bad move after another. 

But I won’t recap that. We don’t have time. But what I will say is what Gettleman said in Indianapolis: “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him. That’s all I need to say about that.” 

And less than two weeks later, he traded him.  

And if you want to make the argument that the Giants are better off without Beckham, that Beckham is a bad guy or a bad influence, okay. Fine. Sure. Whatever. 

I mean, yes, he’s not the easiest guy ever. But he’s making out with field goal nets, he’s not skipping practices or games. And teammates liked him. Hell, they had a party in the locker room when he signed his new deal. 

So either there’s something we don’t know about or something is very weird. And if there’s something we don’t know about and he really is an awful guy, maybe you don’t sign him to a five-year deal in August. 

If he really is a horrible guy who is destructive to the team and can’t handle New York or however you want to spin it, maybe you make that stand before you sign him to a 5-year, 90 million dollar deal. 

Or you could sign him to a huge deal in August and trade him in March. I’m not saying the Giants don’t have a plan, but if that was the plan, it’s the worst plan ever. 

Pay him more than 21 million for 12 games. And then deal him. 

Signed him to a big contract, paid him for a year, and traded him to the Browns. The Browns get a great receiver on a great deal in his prime, and you’re left munching on a cap hit. How are you better off?

Yeah, you just got the 17th pick in the draft, but the Browns would argue that after the first dozen picks, the draft really levels off and the value isn’t there. Even worse, on that third round pick they got, it’s not even Cleveland’s best third round pick. 

And you still have all the same problems that you had before the trade. Like a quarterback who’s aging out, and offensive line who couldn’t protect him, and a defense that’s falling apart.

It’s gotten to be so bad in New York, Giants fans have to be wishing for the return of Ben McAdoo and his clown-sized suits. Those were simpler times, when the only thing to laugh at was the head coach’s horrible look and all the 10 w he dumped into his lettuce every morning.

Since then, they’ve committed one blunder after another. Benching Eli without a plan. Bringing him back without a plan. Making lousy moves in free agency. Drafting a running back. Signing a wide receiver. Trading the wide receiver. And they still don’t have the answer at quarterback or on defense. 

Never mind why would they want Eli back, why would Eli want to come back to this? So that he can get brutalized every time he drops back to pass? Or so that he can pass to legends like Corey Coleman and Alonzo Russell?

Everything that’s happened, this is not what the Giants do. That’s what horrible teams do. The Giants are one of the Tiffany franchises in the NFL. They are among the elite organizations. They have a plan and they work that plan. At least they used to.

Because these Giants have no plan and they aren’t even working it that well. They are getting pantsed by the Browns, not just in this trade, but in everything. If you had to pick one organization to emulate right now, it would be the Browns, not the Giants. Think about that. The Browns are killing it and the Giants are killing themselves. 

They’re just bouncing from one catastrophe to another, chasing one bad decision with an even worse one. That’s not what the great organizations do. That’s what bad teams do. And that’s just what the Giants are. A bad team. And that’s not going to change any time soon. And it really shouldn’t have happened in the first place.