2/17/2021 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Lakers, Wentz, Cam

Jim Rome
February 17, 2021 - 12:33 pm
Montrezl Harrell

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Hour 1

Montrezl Harrell Is King Of The Court | Peter DeBoer (Vegas) Interview | Eric Musselman (Arkansas) Interview

Hour 2

Jeopardy! And Jimmy Butler | Willie Mack III (Golf) Interview | Cam Newton Admits To Spending Millions On Clothes

Hour 3

Carson Wentz Not Wanting To Go To Chicago | What’s Your Beef? | Coffee Talk



The Lion Is The King Of The Jungle

And Trezz was the king of the court last night.
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Stay Away From Chicago, Carson

You'll end up like Craig Krenzel or Caleb Hanie.
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