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3/20/2018 The Jim Rome Show

March 20, 2018 - 12:22 pm

Hour 1

Jordan Clarkson’s Theories | Chris Beard (College Basketball) Interview |  Mark Few (College Basketball) Interview

Hour 2

Martin Perez vs. Bull | Bill Self (College Basketball) Interview | NBA Player’s Addiction

Hour 3

Arrogant Steve Calls In | Mike Krzyzewski (College Basketball) Interview | Iggy Talks About Breakup With Nick Young




Keep Up The Good Work, J 

I give you Jordan Clarkson, former Laker, current Cavalier, and thinker of big thoughts.
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Martin Perez vs. Bull

There’s and old adage that speaks to the randomness of life: Sometimes you get the bull. Sometimes you get the horns. My man, Martin Perez—got both.
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