4/23/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Giannis, Odell, Zeke Ink

April 23, 2019 - 1:26 pm

Hour 1

The Era Of Giannis Is Coming | ODB vs. DG | Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (NFL Draft) Interview

Hour 2

Ezekiel Elliott’s New Look | Donovan’s Expectations For Carson Wentz | The Easter Bunny Beatdown

Hour 3

The Jazz Win Game 4 vs. Houston | Paul DeJong (MLB) Interview | Terry Francona (MLB) Interview



DG Can't Stop Talking About Odell

The 2019 Giants better be the ’72 Dolphins or else Gettleman is going to look like an idiot.
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The Rockets Blew It

Houston is the one team that can legitimately say the sooner we get the Warriors, the better.
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The Era of Giannis is coming closer and closer.
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