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4/6/2018 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: UFC 223, Conor McGregor Guests: Barry Trotz, Ariel Helwani, Rex Hoggard

April 06, 2018 - 12:37 pm

Hour 1

UFC 223 Media Day | Rex Hoggard (Masters) Interview | Conor vs. Bus Wasn’t Staged


Hour 2

Ariel Helwani (UFC) Interview | Conspiracy Theory Guy vs. UFC | Sergio’s Opening Round At Augusta


Hour 3

Barry Trotz (NHL) Interview | Conor’s Last Tweet | Week That Was





Way To Go, Submergio

So what about the defending champ? How’d ol’ Serge do yesterday?
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Nice Job, Conor

You want to show much of a badass you are, Conor, then fight with Khabib, in the cage.
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Worst Idea Ever

That was not a UFC organized stunt.
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