5/14/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Zion, LeBron, Joe Flacco

May 14, 2019 - 12:51 pm

Hour 1

It’s Zion Day | Dan Woike (NBA) Interview | LeBron Trade Rumors

Hour 2

Michael McCann (Sports Law) Interview | Open Up The Phone Lines | Deontay Wilder (Boxing) Interview

Hour 3

Smackoff 25 Odds And Kaleb In Green Bay Calls In | Joe Flacco Is The Best | A-Rod Still A-Bag





Joe Freaking Flacco

Joe Flacco plays by Joe Flacco’s rules.
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Zion Day

Tonight is the night that we find out where Zion Williamson will be going.
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LeBron Trade Rumors

The only question now is, who is going to do the deal. Kurt Rambis? Linda Rambis?
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