5/16/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Brook Lopez, Bruce Willis, Leff In Laguna

May 16, 2019 - 12:28 pm

Hour 1

Brook Freaking Lopez | Ariel Helwani (UFC) Interview | Reid Forgrave (NBA) Interview

Hour 2

PGA Championship Tees Off | Gino In San Antonio RSVP’s For Smackoff 25 | John McClane’s First Pitch

Hour 3

Crazy Eyes Has Hood Power With Jets And Leff In Laguna Goes At BIC | Neil Olshey (NBA) Interview | Smackoff 25 Party



Brook Freaking Lopez

If Giannis is the Greek Freak, Brook really is Splash Mountain.
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Crazy Eyes Is Calling The Shots

Who is advising Christopher Johnson? Linda and Kurt Rambis?
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John McClane's First Pitch

He’s John McLane. Not John McFlurry.
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