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6/20/2018 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Dwight Howard, Kawhi Leonard Guests: Devin Funchess, Harvey Levin

June 20, 2018 - 12:42 pm

Hour 1

Dwight Howard Traded | Kawhi Leonard Watch | Josh In Detroit Responds To Rick In Buffalo

Hour 2

Another Stupid Baseball Injury | Harvey Levin (OBJECTified) Interview | Devin Funchess (NFL) Interview

Hour 3

Call Out To Smackoff Legends | Phil Finally Responds To His Antics At The U.S. Open | Sam Amick (NBA) Interview



Kawhi Watch 2018

While the rest of the world doesn’t know anything as it relates to Kawhi, and where his head is had, Laker fan knows for a fact, LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George will be playing with the Lakers next year. 
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BK Russia Offers Burgers For Sex

Well, well, well. Russia is at it again.
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Another Stupid Baseball Injury

What happened to Giants closer Hunter Strickland cannot happen.
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CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight