6/9/2020 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Iowa Football, Dalvin Cook, Smackoff 26 Profile: Vic In No Cal

Jim Rome
June 09, 2020 - 12:50 pm
Dalvin Cook

USA Today


Hour 1

The State Of The Iowa Football Program | Howard Bryant (George Floyd) Interview | Dalvin Cook Holdout

Hour 2

Smackoff 26 Profile:  Vic In No Cal | Harold Varner III (PGA) Interview | NBA Won’t Be Testing For Weed

Hour 3

Kenyan Drake (Cardinals) Interview | Daniel In Wichita Calls In | Horrible Calls




The State Of Iowa Football

Your program. Your hires. Your responsibility, Kirk.
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No Recreational Drug Testing In Orlando

The NBA bubble is now the NBA Greenhouse.
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