7 Consecutive Wins

Go New York Go, Go New York Go!

Jim Rome
April 21, 2021 - 9:30 am
Tom Thibodeau

USA Today


Quick question: who has the longest winning streak in the NBA right now? Here’s a hint.  If you don’t already know, you’re not going to believe it. Here’s another hint: It’s not the Jazz. Or the Nuggets. Golden State just got Philly the other night, so it’s not the Sixers either.

Are you ready for the answer? Because I don’t think you are. NONE OF US ARE. The answer is the New York Knicks. The New York Freaking Knicks.

They won their seventh straight last night and I only have four words for you: break up the Knicks. And here’s another seven words:


Because the New York Knicks are at it again. And for years, when I would use the phrase “the New York Knicks are at it again” it meant completely whiffing on their targets in free agency and then overspending on old, busted up and broken-down has-beens. Or having Garden security get into it with Knick legends and Knick fans. Or just generally being a massive clown show.

But not anymore. Have you seen the Knicks? I mean, have you really seen the Knicks?

They beat the Hornets by 12 last night at the Garden. And they put on a show. In other words, it’s not just that they’re winning; it’s HOW they’re winning. They were down six at halftime and absolutely locked Charlotte up in the second half. They gave up 33 in the first quarter, 33 in the second quarter, and 31 in the second half. Total. Thanks for coming. Now get the hell outa here.

Miles Bridges has been absolutely laying waste to defenders lately and the Knicks weren’t having any of it.

Julius Randle continues to be a double-double machine with range and RJ Barrett is looking like he’s finding his stride in the Association. I mean, the man went off for 18 points in the third quarter alone last night. He outscored Charlotte all by himself in the third.

Not only do they have the longest winning streak in the league right now, but it’s the team’s longest winning streak since 2014. You want to know how long ago that was? That was the Carmelo Anthony – JR Swish era.

And yes, all you haters can point out how soft their schedule has been of late:  and how it’s about to get harder, a lot harder, including a nasty road trip at the start of next month, but who cares? Why talk about that when you can talk about the fact that the Knicks actually have it good right now?

You want to know how great things have gotten for this Knicks team, they’re actually having to talk about taking it one day at a time.

As Tom Thibodeau said: "The important thing for us is not to get lost. You start looking into the playoffs (and) win streaks, you lose focus on getting ready for Atlanta. That's where our focus has to be. We just go day-by-day, step-by-step, and if we're taking care of all the things we need to take care of, then all of the other stuff will take care of itself. And it's easy to get knocked off course. You can't do that."

And of course he’s totally right. But the fact that we’re even talking about the Knicks going day by day means there’s actually something to go day by day for, and that’s a miracle on itself. Because for years, there had been no reason to take it one day at a time. Because taking it one day at a time meant taking it one loss at a time. Taking it one day at a time, means the Knicks actually matter. Something I didn’t think I’d ever say again in this lifetime. Something I didn’t think my children would ever say in their lifetime. But these dudes actually do matter again. They’re not only legitimately looking at a playoff berth but actually in a battle for the home court.  You tell me what’s more RA-DICK-A-LESS than that!? 

Knicks fans are always either living way in the past or way into the future. They’re either talking about the two titles they won nearly half a century ago or talking about all those close misses they had 25 years ago. Or talking about what will happen a few years from now, when they finally get their real guys in.  Problem being, no one gives a damn what happened 25 or 50 years ago: and all those guys who think are coming to be their savior, never do.  Because none of them want anything to do with that garbage franchise.   Or. Or didn’t want anything to do with that garbage franchise. Because that too might be changing.  Listen to what rising legend Zion Williams had to say after the Knicks beat the Pelicans in overtime on Sunday:

And that hit peak levels after the Knicks beat the Pelicans in overtime on Sunday.

Of course Knicks fan got drunk off that: when was the last time anyone who mattered said anything like about them?  It’s like dude just slid into their DM’s, or something.  Like, not only did he say it, he meant it: and could wait to tell you. 

Of course, Knicks fans lost their minds with that. And started looking at his contract details and figuring out how quickly Zion would be a Knick. How quickly would the guy who Knicks fans believe they should’ve gotten in the lottery would finally come home and start hanging banners.

And I hate to throw water on that, Knicks fans, but it’s not happening anytime soon. Not unless he does them the way A.D. did them and forces his way out of town.  Just know, he’s signed with the Pelicans through 2023 and then has a ton of financial reasons to stay in New Orleans for that second contract.

I know you want Zion. I know you have this strange belief that he was destined to play for your team and that somehow you were jobbed in the lottery.  And that you can’t figure out if David stern iced the envelope for you to take Patrick Ewing, why couldn’t the league have run it back with Zion. Ererrr. Allegedly.

Listen, you may never get this guy, but the fact that dude is openly talking about you the way he is, a championship in and of itself for y’all: so do as Thibs: take it one day at a time, know where your feet are and know that for the first time in a long time,  you matter and just got the jungle treatment to open a show: except this time, it was positive jungle treatment: and I can’t believe it.  But you earned it.   Even Thibs has to be happy about that