Smackoff 24

Smackoff 24

King of Smack 2018

July 20, 2018 - 1:12 pm

Hour 1

Smackoff 24 Gets Underway, Jeff Passan and Matt In Vancouver | Benny In Wisco And J Stew | Tyler In Edmonton, Danika In Jacksonville, Boatie In Pearland, Moana In Knoxville

Hour 2

Kaleb In Green Bay, Rick In Buffalo, Vic In No Cal | Steve Carbone and Special Guest | Leff In Laguna, Chad In LA, John In New York

Hour 3

Brad In Corona And Mark In Hollywood | Chael Sonnen And Mike In Indy | Smackoff 24 Champion Named


Smack-Off 24 Results

  1. Brad In Corona (4th title)
  2. Steve Carbone w Sean the Cablinasian
  3. Leff In Laguna
  4. Mike In Indy
  5. Benny In Wisco
  6. Mark In Hollywood
  7. Rick In Buffalo
  8. Kaleb In Green Bay
  9. Vic In No Cal
  10. Matt In Vancouver

Championship Call