9/10/2019 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: MNF, Bobby P, Carson Palmer

Jim Rome
September 10, 2019 - 12:42 pm
New Orleans Saints

USA Today


Hour 1

Houston vs. New Orleans | Carson Palmer (NFL) Interview | Drizzle In Wichita Gets A Golden Ticket

Hour 2

Raiders vs. Broncos Reaction | Matt In LA On Volume Calling | Will Brinson (NFL) Interview

Hour 3

Apology Accepted, Bobby P | Casey Hayward (NFL) Interview | Carson Palmer On AB




One Hell Of A Win For The Saints

And one brutal loss for the Texans.
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The Raiders Look Nice In Opener

So perfect. So black hole. So Oakland Raiders.
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Bobby P Is Back In The News

Before there was Hugh Freeze in his hospital bed, there was Petrino and his motorcycle.
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