9/17/2020 The Jim Rome Show

Topics: Clippers, Bucs, TNF Preview

Jim Rome
September 17, 2020 - 2:25 pm

Hour 1

Tom Brady And Bruce Arians’ Relationship | Neal Brown (West Virginia) Interview | Joey Logano (NASCAR) Interview

Hour 2

Ritt’s Tie And Open Phones | Tim Connelly (Nuggets) Interview | Aftermath Of Clippers Game 7 Loss  

Hour 3

Jimmy Moreland (Washington) Interview | TNF Preview: Browns vs. Bengals | Dodgers Clinch Playoff Spot, Yanks Are Rolling



2019-20 Los Angeles Clippers

That was an implosion of epic proportions.
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TB43 - BA Story

It's one game in to the 2020 Season.
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