A Wild Boar Accident?

Cespedes' mysterious injury revealed.

Jim Rome
January 07, 2020 - 11:51 am
Yoenis Cespedes

USA Today


Pretty hard coming off that NFL Wild Card Weekend to jam any baseball talk into yesterday’s show. But that’s what Tuesdays in January are for. Because while we still have five days to wait for the Divisional Round to start—we don’t have wait another second to talk about Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and his broken right ankle that’s gonna end up costing him anywhere between 15 to 30 million dollars.

If you thought Antonio Brown freezing his dogs off in a cryogenic chamber was the whackest injury to ever happen to feet—wait till you hear what Cespedes did on his ranch back in May of 2019. Because one of baseball’s great mysteries of last year was… what exactly happened to this dude in Florida when GM Brodie Van Wagenen vaguely described his outfielder’s season-ending mishap as the result of, “a violent fall.”

A violent fall could be anything. Dude got have gotten bucked by a horse. Or yard sale’d off a ladder putting away some hay. Or just taken a header down some stairs Dustin Johnson style. 

But thanks to the New York Post we finally know what went down in May on the Cespedes Ranch that exploded this guy’s ankle and his guaranteed contract in the process. 

Turns out Cespedes had a very costly interaction—with a wild boar

According to the Post, Cespedes has various traps on his ranch designed to catch wild boars to keep them from harming any humans who occupy the same space. And according to the Post, Cespedes takes it upon himself to set the boars free from their traps after he catches them. And apparently when he set this particular boar free back in May, the boar charged him. As boars are known to do. And when Cespedes tried to escape, he planted his right foot into a hole and exploded his ankle. 

I’d love to sit here and tell you this is some kind of shocking story. But since it involves a baseball player and an absolutely insane, fluky injury—it’s just another line on the never-ending scroll of insane, fluky injuries for baseball players. In fact—you’re not really a Major Leaguer until you bang yourself up in a tanning bed or crack a rib from holding in a sneeze. Or somersault down your staircase carrying luggage from a road trip. 

What does make this circus show unlike the rest—is the repercussions of it all. And the ironic circumstances. And what else would you expect when you’ve got the most volatile ingredients ever with the Mets, the state of Florida, and a wild boar.

At the time of the wild boar injury, Cespedes was away from the team rehabbing both of his heels. So you’ve got a guy on a guaranteed 110 million contract, who’s supposed to be staying off his feet, down in Florida, messing around with boar traps. Awesome. Dude could have sent a ranch hand out to the traps, but apparently he was hell-bent on doing it himself. With his already bad feet. And then he stepped in a hole after getting charged and confetti-cannoned his ankle. Perfect.

For what it’s worth, Cespedes told the Mets exactly what happened. And what it was worth was anywhere between 15 to 30 million dollars. Because the Mets went down to the ranch, along with the Commissioner’s Office and the Players Association, and everyone agreed that Cespedes violated his contract terms. Meanwhile, on the field, the Mets were without a guy who’s good for 30 dingers and a hundred ribbies. And they missed the playoffs by three games. Stay hot, everyone.

Two months later, in December, the Mets and Cespedes agreed to a restructured contract with a massive haircut. And the same guy taking the money away from Cespedes—was the same guy who got it for him in the first place—Brodie Van Wagenen. You can’t make this stuff up. Once an agent. Now a GM. As the old saying goes: The Brodie V-Dub giveth. And the Brodie V-Dub taketh away.

Here’s the absolute best part: That wild boar who put Cespedes in the ground is a New York hero. Because there’s a chance Cespedes wasn’t going to play last year before the boar broke his ankle. But the boar injury allowed the Mets to recoup a grip of cash from their guy and use it to sign free agent stud, Dellin Betances. And whatever they have leftover from the money Cespedes gave back, is money they should use to make a statue of the wild pig. 

Because now the Mets are getting a steal for Cespedes. And they signed a veteran arm with a career 2.36 ERA. All thanks to a dumb outfielder and one pissed off pig. 

Only the Mets.