AB’s Helmet

I’d rather try to get worked up about Tom Brady putting his house on the market.

Jim Rome
August 19, 2019 - 9:20 am
Antonio Brown

USA Today


Antonio Brown was on the sideline of the Raiders exhibition game against the Cardinals on Thursday night. He was wearing the silver and black and dunking over the crossbar before the game. He even wore a helmet. It was actually awesome. The old AB was actually back. And engaged. Actually doing work. 

Then he went through Saturday’s walk-through. So while he may not have liked the arbitrator’s ruling against him, he at least had accepted it and put it behind him. It was all good. Ehhhhhhh!! Sure it wasn’t. 

Because when practice rolled around yesterday, Brown was nowhere to be found. So what was it this time? Did he pull a Jeff Kent and get hurt washing his mini monster truck. Nope. This time it was about….wait for it. The freaking helmet. Again. 

Come to find out, he DID accept the arbitrator’s ruling against him regarding his original helmet. He just reportedly assumed that if he found a newer version of that same helmet, he’d be allowed to wear that. And when the league ruled against his using that helmet as well, he snapped, again and skipped practice over it. 

And until now, the Raiders had bent over backwards to accommodate this guy. Now they’re just bent. Especially GM Mike Mayock, who showed up to meet with the media before tersely dropping this 40 second ultimatum on Brown’s helmetless head:

Not that needs any translation, but I’ll do it anyway. Show up or hit the freaking bricks.  You’re not worth all this. Your negatives finally now outweigh your positives. And if there was any doubt at all about how pissed Mayock is, and there’s not, but if there were, the Raiders themselves eliminated that doubt by posting the same video to their official twitter feed. This dude already has one frozen foot at the door. And if he thinks they have to pay him, he has another thing coming; because they don’t. Not if he’s not coming to work over the helmet, they don’t. Again, one thing to not be able to work because you got frostbite. In the summer. In France. The organization can be pissed but there’s not much they do about that. But missing work because the league won’t make an exception for him, and won’t let him wear his helmet is inexcusable. That shows he’s an extremely selfish dude, that doesn’t get it, and isn’t at all about team. If he were, he’d be out there with the rest of them doing what they’re doing, learning a new offense and getting on the same page with his new q.b.  bad enough that the guy did one of the stupidest things ever, getting frost bite in the middle of summer and missing as much time as he has. Even worse, that he continues to miss time because he’s fighting something that every other guy in the league has accepted. And don’t tell me his teammates don’t resent it because they do. I know Mayock does. And if Mayock does, his boss Chunk Gruden does to.

Then again, it’s not like Gruden and Mayock are without blame. They knew what they were getting when they brought in Brown in. And if they didn’t, they should have.  There’s reason why the Steelers couldn’t wait to get rid of one of the best players in the game. A reason why they literally gave away one of the best players in franchise history.  I get that Mayock is pissed. But what did he expect? This is what you get when you bring in Antonio Brown. This is why the Steelers got rid of him and are laughing their asses off now. This is how the Raiders got him on the cheap. Because with Brown, it’s always something. And if it’s not the helmet, it would have been something else. So sure, Brown is acting like the very definition of a diva wide receiver: a bad teammate who is putting himself ahead of his team. But the Raiders don’t have anyone to blame but themselves.  This is exactly what they signed up for. Exactly what you get when you bring in Antonio brown. And pay him. Exactly the reason why he wore out his welcome in Pittsburgh. But even that took 9 years. It looks like the same is going to happen in Oakland. In under 9 months. And if that surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention. Because this is who he is and what he does. Do I really have to run down this guy’s past transgressions? 

HELL…The helmet-foot saga is right there next to the incident before Week 17 last year, tweeting during Mike Tomlin’s press conference, the interview with James Harrison – did that ever happen? The facetiming from an elliptical, the horrible self-gloss, and the blonde mustache.

And, much as I hate to do it, let’s go back to that trade for a moment. Because Antonio Brown got over. He got what he wanted in that deal.

He wanted out of Pittsburgh – he got that.

He wanted to take shots at Ben Roethlisberger – he did that.

He didn’t want to go to Buffalo – he got that.

He wanted to go to Oakland – he got that.

He wanted more money and he got that too.

He got all of that. And he’s still apparently miserable. The trade went down in March. It hasn’t even been six months. And he’s already miserable. And the GM is already blasting him in public.

And I guess we’re all just supposed to continue to believe that it’s about the helmet. We all going to keep on rolling with the idea that he’s a crusader against, let me check my notes here…safer helmets.

There are more than 2,000 players in the NFL at the moment. He’s the only guy who’s fighting the helmet changes.

Here’s the other thing even if I wanted to give Antonio Brown the benefit of the doubt.  Or say he might actually have a really good point. He might have a legitimate grievance. The league might be handling this the wrong way and Brown might be getting jammed. I guess someone could argue that. But I can’t. I wouldn’t know and I don’t care because of everything else that has preceded it.

It’s hard to get worked up about a grievance over a helmet when there have been so many stupid things that have come before it.

When you go down the list of things that have happened on the field and off the field involving Antonio Brown in the last year, it’s kind of hard to get worked up about the idea that he’s a crusader when it comes to helmet by-laws.

Fact is, he might even have another grievance in him. But at this point, I don’t give a damn. It’s incredibly boring, incredibly played and incredibly tired. Like the guy himself. And that’s the worst part. Antonio Brown used to be a blast. Used to be so fresh, so different, so electric. That Antonio Brown was awesome. This Antonio Brown is boring. At this point, A.B stands for: always boring.  

So I’m done. Just completely done with it.

Brett Favre’s annual “look at me” show disguised as wrestling with whether or not he’d play another season, can’t believe how tedious and played out Antonio Brown has gotten.

At this point, I’d rather try to get worked up about Tom Brady putting his house on the market. Brady listing his house and what that means for his future with the Patriots is one of the most boring topics ever, and it’s still more interesting than Antonio Brown’s helmet.

So I’m done. Officially done talking about Antonio Brown. This is an Antonio Brown free zone.

I’m done talking about him. I’m done talking about his stupid feet. And his stupid helmet. And his stupid self-given nickname.

I’ll talk about him again when he’s on the field, in games that matter, doing things that matter. Because right now, none of this matters. And even worse, it’s boring and annoying as hell.