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An Absolute Hospital Job In The Bronx

Three hours and 41 minutes of unadulterated misery for the home crowd.

October 09, 2018 - 9:26 am

The Yankees went into Game 3 of the ALDS with all the momentum. They hung four runs on the Boston bullpen in Game 1. They beat David Price around in Game 2. And when Aaron Judge walked out of Fenway with Frank Sinatra blaring on his bluetooth speaker, even though the series was tied 1-1, the Bombers had the Sox on the ropes. 

And then last night happened. 

Look, I'd quote the late, great Pat Tillman and call that a nice, swift, ass-kicking, but there was nothing nice and nothing swift about that absolute hospital job. The Red Sox played straight-up murder ball in the Bronx. 18 hits. 16 runs. 8 walks. Three hours and 41 minutes of unadulterated misery for the home crowd, the worst loss in playoff history for the Yankees. 

Brock Holt, a utility man and lifetime .267 hitter with 20 career home runs, hit for the cycle. That's the first cycle in Major League Baseball history to ever be hit in the postseason. And it was hit by a dude who didn't expect to be in the lineup against Yankees ace Luis Severino. Hell, he wasn't even sure he wanted to be. 

According to Jeff Passan, when Red Sox manager Alex Cora texted Holt the night before that he was getting the start for Game 3 against Severino, a pitcher he was hitting .067 lifetime against, Holt texted back, "ARE YOU SURE?" 

Yeah, Brock he's sure. Especially when you're out on the base path rocking some kind of crazy, robot dab and then dunking on all of the Big Apple's head with absolute savagery like this:

Mr. Brocktober was hardly the Yankees only problem. Especially when Nate Eovaldi was on the bump pumping absolute gas. Check out what this dude was doing to the radar gun in the first inning alone: A 99-mile-an-hour four-seamer to Andrew McCutchen to start the game, Triple digits three times to Aaron Judge, and then a nice and easy 99 to bury Luke Voit. 

A game after the Yanks buried David Price before he could get out of the 2nd, the guy who spent almost two years on the shelf with arm trouble after two years in pinstripes went back into his old house and set it on fire.  

Seven innings, just five hits. 1 run, no walks, five Ks and a ridiculous 17 swinging strikes. The Red Sox basically pulled this dude out of Tampa for nothing, and Alex Cora didn't pull this dude off the Yanks until half the stadium was empty and Boston was running relay races around the base paths. 

What an absolute bleep show for New York. And it started pregame, when it looked like Luis Severino didn't know what time the actual GAME STARTED. There's no-showing for a game. And then there's LITERALLY no-showing for a game. 

Dude got to the bullpen a reported 8 MINUTES BEFORE first pitch, and TBS cameras actually caught pitching coach Larry Rothschild reminding Severino what time the game started. 

Look, Severino denied that he was rushed. He claimed that he went through his normal warm-up routine. And he didn't get knocked around until the 3rd. But what kind of circus is going on behind the scenes when your ace and your pitching coach and talking about what time first pitch is, instead of what pitch sequence you're going to attack the Red Sox lineup with? 

But here's something that's Crystal Clear. The Sox answered the freaking Bell. There was no one scared in that clubhouse. And my man Alex Cora, was leading from the front and came up absolutely brass when his team needed him. 

Remember when Joe Maddon analytics'd his way out of October last week when he made a handful of questionable decisions because the numbers said so? Well, Cora did the opposite. He relied on his gut and instinct and jumped Eovaldi in the rotation to give him the Game 3 start and it paid off. He rolled the dice and went with Mr. Brocktober at second base, even though he'd been owned by Severino. And he basically turned this series on its head because he MANAGED, he didn't just get lost in the data. 

So now the Yanks are at the Brink. And they're sending 38-year-old war horse CC Sabathia to the bump tonight with the season on the line. And we'll see if the Yanks can peel themselves off the mat quick enough to send this thing back to Boston after the Sox laid a felonious beating on the Bombers in their house.

First pitch is scheduled for 8:07 Eastern. Give yourself plenty of time to get loose, Big Man.