AD Embraces His Inner Mamba

Lakers up 2-0.

Jim Rome
September 21, 2020 - 10:38 am
Anthony Davis

USA Today


When there are NFL games going on, nothing else matters. It blots out the sun. It doesn’t matter what else is happening, most people won’t notice if there’s an NFL game on. And that happened yesterday.

Which is why I’m guessing that for some of you, this is going to be the first that you hear of or see what happened in the Lakers game last night. Again, this is not a niche sport we’re talking about. It’s the NBA. Not just the NBA, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

But because the NFL was on, this is probably the first time you’re going to be seeing and hearing this filth from Alex Caruso.


You know that is going into the Bald Mamba montage that I play as often as I can.

I’m not sure what’s better – the dunk or how the Laker bench reacted. They lost their minds. And I get it. I PRETTY MUCH LOST MINE and I was 3,000 miles away.

And the fourth quarter of last night’s game was tremendous. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Denver Nuggets trailed by 16 at one point and came all the way back. And then in the final few minutes, it was the Joker vs. The Brow.

Jamal Murray made two free throws with 5:21 left in the game. That was the last time someone other than the Joker or the Brow scored. Joker had 12 straight, including this bucket with 20 seconds left that put Denver up 103-102.

Denver is absolutely incredible. I cannot say enough about them. They love getting down big and then coming back from the dead. They’ve done it time and time again. It’s how they knocked out the Jazz. And how they buried the Clippers.

Their opponents know the comeback coming and yet they’re powerless to stop it. And doing it last night, against the Lakers, in the Western Conference Finals was so brass. Win that game and it’s a 1-1 series and anything is possible. But the Lakers had one more chance.

They got the ball to Alex Caruso…who missed a three.

But the Lakers had one more chance. Danny Green took a shot…and Jamal Murray blocked it out of bounds.

So the Lakers were going to have one more chance. With 2.1 seconds left and Rajon Rondo inbounding under LA’s basket.

Roll it. Roll the hell out it.


Are you kidding me? Anthony Davis for three as time expired.

That is unreal. And even more unreal when you listen to Rondo run through his options. But before we even get to that, how about Rondo jumping off the bench and asking Vogel if he wanted a new in-bounder in the game. Vogel’s response: “Obviously, I said, ‘Heck yes,'”

Rondo is amazing. Not just that he was looking to inbound that ball, but his breakdown of the inbound play: "I think I made eye contact with every player on my team on that play. My first look was Kenny [Kentavious Caldwell-Pope] backdoor. That wasn't there. Danny [Green] backdoor. That wasn't there. Bron and I looked eye-to-eye, but he didn't move, and then I saw AD coming on the outside and just tried to get it to him on time, on target. I had Joker on me, so obviously, I couldn't throw the lob pass, and [Davis] did the rest."

He certainly did do the rest.

And yes, I’m not entirely sure what Denver’s Mason Plumlee was doing on that play. He and Denver picked a bad time for a bad moment. A little miscommunication, Davis gets open, drains a three, and Plumlee gets dragged on Twitter for hours.

An absolutely brutal loss for Denver. They had worked all the way back and were 2.1 seconds away from winning that game, tying the series, and having a chance to put the Lakers under real pressure. They were that close. And then comes that man with that shot. 

And as incredible as that shot was, take that game to Staples. That’s where Game 2 would’ve been played. Can you imagine what that would’ve been like for Davis to hit a game-winning three in the conference finals at Staples?

And can you imagine them doing that in Staples wearing the Black Mamba jerseys? It sure seems like the Laker players and coaches can. Because they were talking about Kobe a lot after the game. In fact, AD shouted “Kobe!” Right after the shot went down.

That was a Mamba shot. And one hell of a MAMBA  moment.