AD Is Dominant

A.D. picked a great time to remember he’s AD.

Jim Rome
August 21, 2020 - 9:22 am
Anthony Davis

USA Today


Everything you say about every game in the NBA bubble can start with the phrase “it’s just one game.” And it is…, just one game, but the Los Angeles Lakers finally, finally arrived in the bubble last night. You know…The Los Angeles Lakers, the team with the best record in the West, the team with LeBron and AD, the team that plays serious defense, the championship contenders…THAT TEAM… finally arrived in the bubble last night. Because that was, without question, their best game since showing up there.  And you knew it would be from the very jump: you could see they brought extreme energy and a sense of urgency we hadn’t seen from them in Orlando.

SCOREBOARD: LOOK UP AT IT:  LA 111, Portland 88. And it wasn’t even that close. 

LA came out and punched Portland in the face. And again, it wasn’t just that they were hitting shots that weren’t falling in game one; it was a mindset: they came out with extreme energy and imposed their will on Portland: on both ends of the floor. 

If you thought the LeBron and the Lakers were going to be gripping going into that game, if you thought they were sweating the fact that some were saying they were going to get bounced or even swept in the first round, you were wrong. LeBron was out there in warmups lining up Dwight Howard as an o-lineman and going Peyton Manning with it.

And then when the game started, LeBron was still feeling it.

Again, let me reiterate, just one game. And the same applies to Portland. They came back down to earth. And got hammered. But it’s just one game. It’s just one game, but that doesn’t mean that Portland doesn’t suddenly have a few concerns. Because they do.  Starting with the fact that they just got blown out by L.A. on a night when LeBron had one of his worst playoff games ever. They got blown out on a night when LeBron had just 10 points. That’s a real concern. Because I’m real sure he’s not going to have another game like that in this series; and the fact that Portland couldn’t take advantage of it is a real problem; because they’re not going to get that opportunity again. 

Instead, he had just ten points and they still got smashed. And the biggest reason for that, is Anthony Davis. A.D. picked a great time to remember he’s AD. AD knew he didn’t get it done in Game 1; and had to be much better in Game 2.

Totally different game, totally different dude; He was BEASTING: 31 and 11, plus 3 assists, a steal and a block in 29 minutes. And they’re going to need that dude 15 more times in the coming weeks if they’re going to rip the Larry O; especially in the way dude was eating glass:

You know what? Rather than just firing up different highlights, let me just go with this clip reel that the NBA twitter account put together.

And that last play, where he showed Hassan Whiteside the full arsenal? That’s straight stupidity: that’s just not right. Big men aren’t supposed to do that. They aren’t supposed to be going spin move, stepback, nothing but net. He looked like a ten foot tall James Harden on that sequence. 

That’s why LeBron was saying this after the game: "I’ve had some great teammates in my career. AD is one of those unicorns, and he does things that some of my other great teammates are not capable of doing."

Dude, if LeBron James is calling you a unicorn, you’re freaky; in the best way imaginable. And when he shows up like that, look the hell out.

And since LeBron was the only one who did a damn thing for the Lakers in game one, it was fitting that some other guys picked him up when he couldn’t get it going in Game 2:  and it wasn’t just Davis, everyone else stepped up too. KCP was 0 for 9 in Game 1 to 4 for 6 from three in Game 2. He went from looking shot, to looking like an absolute assassin. JaVale McGee: 10 points. Dwight Howard: 9 points. 

They went from 5 threes in Game 1 to 14 in Game 2. 

It was such a blowout that JR Smith was out there going JR Swish from deep with a 30 point lead in the fourth quarter.

And then there is the Portland side of things, because as great as Game 1 was for them Game 2 was the exact opposite. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Anthony Davis was punishing their bigs in every way possible. The Lakers locked up Damian Lillard, throwing a double-team at him when he crossed half court and holding him to 18 points. It was a defensive masterclass from the Lakers. 

With Zach Collins in a walking boot, the Lakers could send McGee or Howard at Lillard without worrying that Wenyen Gabriel would hurt them offensively. And that’s not to slight Gabriel – I love his energy, his heart, and his hustle, but right now, the Lakers aren’t sweating him on offense. 

Again, it’s just one game. It’s just one game where the Blazers didn’t shoot well. And it’s just one game where as Terry Stotts said after the game, “we looked a little slow, where we didn’t have the same pop.”

But again, it’s just one game where LeBron had 10 points and the Blazers were still trailing by more than 30 at points. 

That hurts. And, as if the night couldn’t have gone badly enough already, then Lillard busted up his index digit.

The team said it’s a dislocation and Stotts said afterwards it’s too early to determine his status for Game 3. I’m no doctor.  I just play one on the radio: but I’ve got your diagnosis: dame is playing. Here’s my diagnosis: no way in hell he misses game three with a jacked digit.  He’ll go Ronnie Lott and cut that digit off before he misses Game 3 vs. The Lakers: because that’s how he’s built. That’s who he is.

I’ll say it again, it’s just one game. But that one game could not have gone any better for LA and any worse for Portland. Let’s run it back again tomorrow night. Can’t wait.