Adam Gase's Seat

Coach Em Up.

Jim Rome
December 04, 2019 - 1:25 pm
Adam Gase

USA Today


Somehow, one guy who isn’t on the hot seat is Adam Gase. Somehow, the guy who managed to lose to both the Dolphins and the Bengals in the same season, has already been guaranteed that he will return next year.

I mean, sure, why not. If you can get a coach who’ll find a way to lose to the Dolphins and Bengals in the same season, you do whatever you can to hold onto him. 

There aren’t too many coaches in the league who can get schooled by the Bengals 22-6. In fact, no other coach has managed to do that this season. 

I’m sure every front office in the league that’s considering a coaching change saw how the Jets made Andy Dalton look really good and thought, man, we’ve got to find the next Adam Gase.

Good luck with that, because there is only one Adam Gase. There is only one guy who can look at his offense, see the best weapon on that offense, Le’Veon Bell, and choose not to use him.

The Bengals went into Sunday’s game against the Jets with the worst run defense in the league. So how many carries did Bell get? 20? 30? 35? Get the Walter Payton treatment and go for 40?

Nope. 10 carries. Total. For the game. Against the worst rushing defense in the league. That’s not just stupid, that’s stupid and stubborn.

Everyone knows Gase didn’t want Bell in the first place and now that he’s got him, he’s doing everything he can not to use him.

I’m not saying that Bell is the greatest running back in league history. But I will say he’s a three-time Pro Bowler, an All-Pro, and one of the freakiest weapons in the backfield. But only if you use him.

You could use him to run against the worst rushing defense in the league or have Sam Darnold chuck it 48 times. Bell should be Darnold’s best friend. He should make life easier for Darnold and he should make Gase look like a genius.

Instead, Gase looks like a moron for refusing to use him. Okay, so you didn’t want Bell. But you’ve got him, so may as well use him, right, eyes? I mean he is your best offensive player. And. The best coaches in the league adapt. They change their scheme to fit their players, they don’t shove round pegs into square holes. Bill Belichick is incredible at adapting. He doesn’t insist on just playing one style, he looks at the talent he has and figures out how to use it. 

But apparently Adam Gase is a better coach than Belichick, because he’s not willing to adapt his scheme to fit his talent. Apparently the Gase Way is better and more successful than the Patriot Way.

Because not only is Gase not using Bell, he’s taking a run at Bell’s style.

“On certain runs, he’s changed his style and hit it more downhill. Especially in the last four or five games, he’s really done a good job of trying to make sure that we’re staying ahead of the sticks… For the most part, I feel like he has adjusted his running style to really benefit us to really keep us ahead of the sticks.”

Downhill runner? What are you talking about? Le’Veon Bell is not a downhill runner. That’s the point. He’s patient, he finds the hole, and then destroys defenses. 

And without getting all stathead on you, yes, he’s getting to holes faster this year and averaging less than 50 yards per game. When he took his time, the guy was good for nearly double that. 

And yes, I know that Pittsburgh had a better offensive line than the Jets, but Pittsburgh also had a way better coach than the Jets. And it’s not just about Le’Veon Bell.

If Le’Veon Bell is Exhibit A, then Ryan Tannehill is Exhibit B. 

Because according to the New York Daily News, Gase “privately blamed Ryan Tannehill and other quarterbacks for finishing dead last in offensive plays per game in two of his three seasons with the Dolphins.”

Well, now that Tannehill isn’t being coached by Gase, he looks like a completely different quarterback. He’s transformed Tennessee’s season, might very well be the comeback player of the year, and looks like a franchise quarterback. 

He got away from Gase and is a new man. That is about as damning as you can get when it comes to a head coach. And not just a head coach, but an alleged quarterback whisperer. If the quarterback gets better when you leave, what exactly were you whispering to him?

Oh, and as for Gase’s complaint that Tannehill and the other qbs in Miami were slowing down his offense? The Jets are 31st in the league in plays per game.

Gase’s offense was dead last in two of his three seasons in Miami and second to last in his first season in Miami. All along, everyone thought the problem was Tannehill and it turns out it was Gase. Because Gase goes to New York and gets the same results, while Tannehill goes to Tennessee and looks like Joe Montana. 

Turns out the guy dumping sugar in the gas tank in Miami wasn’t Tannehill, its Gase. And he’s doing it again in New York. This time, taking the best weapon the Jets have and not only not figuring out the best way to use it, but actually figuring out the worst way to use it. 

But yes, definitely bring Gase back next year. And definitely tell us how that awesome offense with this incredible genius is going to explode. Because it seems like guys get worse around Gase and improve when they leave. As always, coach ‘em up, Gase. Even though I know you won’t.