Admit Your Mistake, Tom

 C’mon, man, you’re supposed to be the GOAT.

Jim Rome
October 09, 2020 - 10:20 am
Tom Brady

USA Today


Let’s get something out of the way immediately when we talk about last night’s Bucs-Bears game. Yes, Tom Brady was playing for one team and Nick Foles was playing for the other, but in no way was that a Super Bowl rematch. Absolutely nothing about that was Super Bowl worthy. The Bucs are the most undisciplined team in the NFL and their alleged GOAT QB doesn’t even know how to count. And straight lies out his ass. And the Bears might be the single weirdest if not one of the worst 4-1 team in NFL history.

The only thing “super” about last night’s game was Khalil Mack. It felt like he spent the entire night in Brady’s face. He had three tackles, two sacks, and one absurd toss of Tristan Wirfs.

On the play in question, Mack sacked Brady, the play was over, but Wirfs was still riding Mack. So Mack threw him to the ground with one arm. For the record, Wirfs goes anywhere from 320 to 340 pounds. And Mack just ragged doll his ass. With one arm.  The ultimate, GET OFF ME! 

Don’t believe me? When asked why he did what he did, Mack said, “He was holding onto me and I had to get him off.”  Right. In other words, GET OFF ME!

That is some freakish strength. There’s a lesson in that rook: don’t hold this dude; it won’t work and he will embarrass you: with one arm. The ultimate Khalil Mack can beat your ass with one arm tied behind his back: literally. 

I get that Thursday nights ARE generally whack when it comes to football. And that’s without the pandemic, but that was a really weird game: Tampa Bay jumped on the Bears early, 13-0. And generally, you give TB, even TB 43 a 13-0 lead, you can go ahead and cancel Christmas. And that’s not a play of words; that’s a fact. Going into last night, he had won 42 straight games when he had a lead of 13 points or more.

You simply do not come back on a Tom Brady team. Because they don’t blow leads.  They beat themselves. And they never lose their heads or forget even the smallest detail.  Eehhhhh! That or now, Brady led teams do ALL OF THOSE THINGS; BECAUSE EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS ON DISPLAY LAST NIGHT FOR ALL OF HIS PEERS AND THE REST OF THE WORLD TO SEE. 

And as badly as the Bucs were playing, Chicago was doing their damnest in the end to let them win anyway. 

Foles found David Montgomery for 17 yards taking the ball down to the Bucs 25 with roughly ninety seconds left. At that point, the Bears were in field goal range, even with their history of shaky kicking. This was pretty basic, you keep the ball on the ground, spin the clock, make the Bucs use up their timeouts and kick the go-ahead field goal, leaving old man TB 43 as little time as possible.  Really, really basic stuff.

Chicago runs on first down. Tampa Bay calls their second timeout. Cool. Do it again, make them use their final timeout and then spin clock.

Or you could do what the Bears did and throw an incomplete pass. 

Had Brady not done what he was about to do, what Chicago did right there would have been maybe the dumbest thing ever. The hell were they doing on that play?! The hell were they doing throwing the ball right there?! If you call a pass there, you better complete it, because if you don’t, which is exactly what happened, you stop the clock for the Bucs and put more time on the clock for Brady. And keep them in the game. 

And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Because after the Bears kicked the field goal to take a 20-19 lead, Tom Brady got the ball back with 1:13 left, needing just a field goal to win. 

Remember how I mentioned that Brady had won 42 straight games when he had a lead of 13 points or more? Here’s another stat for you: he’s led 59 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime. That’s the most by anyone since the NFL merger.

And he went to work. 12 yard completion to Mike Evans, who got out of bounds to stop the clock. Incomplete pass to Mike Evans. A short completion. Another incompletion. Setting up this play.

So the old missed on that throw, not a thing: get everyone up to the line, quickly make a play, keep moving, get in field goal range, kick it, get the hell outa there with a dub.  Let’s go!! One problem: no one is lining up for him. And homeboy is just out here, all dumbfounded, holding up four fingers, like its fourth down. Except that IT ALREADY HAD BEEN FOURTH DOWN! 

Which leads me to this question – did Tom Brady not know what down it was? Did Thomas Edward Patrick Brady junior, the alleged goat, really not know what down it was in the final minute of a one score game?

Answer: hell yes. He had no idea what down it was. I’ll get to his crappy explanation later, but believe me – he didn’t know what down it was. Why else would he be standing on the field holding up four fingers?

And that is absolutely, completely inexcusable.  BORDERLINE CRIMINAL. You can’t do that in a two-minute drill. Actually, you can’t do that any time. Certainly not if you’re Tom Brady.

Who are you, Brian Hoyer? Except Hoyer would know what down it was. He wouldn’t know how many timeouts there were, but he’d know what down it was.

Was that a senior moment from the old man? He looked totally confused and completely lost, like a KID who can’t find his parents in a grocery store.

Tom Brady is supposed to be a detail guy. Remember over the summer when he was going to his offensive coordinator’s house when he shouldn’t have been and when he was getting the guys together at a high school when they shouldn’t have been, wasn’t  that all about the details?

Maybe instead of having practices together, they should’ve just done basic numbers. Tom, this is a one, that’s followed by this number, two, and then this one, three, and then comes four. And four is important in football because there is no fifth down.  And then after you learn to count, we can get to work on your ABC’S, tommy. 

And by the way, if you do somehow, some way forget, there are usually some signs around the stadium to help you out. There’s the dude on the sideline with the number and usually some massive freaking scoreboards that will tell you as well.

And remember earlier in the game, when he was f-bombing his offensive linemen up and down for screwing up? You do that, you show your teammates up like that, and you better freaking be able to count to four.

You cannot scream your lungs out at teammates for a mistake and going brainded, and then melt mentally and cost your team the game yourself. Totally unacceptable. And if you do that…, you sure as all hell, better own it after the game.

But if you’re looking for Brady to own something, keep on moving, because that’s not his deal; that’s not he his: not in New England. And not Tampa; not anywhere:

That answer about screwing up the downs is actually worse than screwing up the downs. Did you hear that garbage?

And let me read you his answer: "Yeah, you're up against the clock and you're up against the -- I knew we had to gain a chunk, so I should have been thinking more first down instead of chunk in that situation. I knew we needed a chunk and I was thinking about more yardage. It was just bad execution. We had a great opportunity there so ... Just didn't execute when we needed to."

So to a question of what happened on that final play? Tom’s answer was to puke out the word “chunk” three times in two sentences and then to say it was bad execution, without once admitting or owning what he did.

What an absolutely bullcrap response. Avoid the question altogether and just start throwing around some meaningless football jargon and talk straight out your ass; and whatever you do, don’t own any of it. His teammates must be like, this guy is the goat? This guy is the guy we’ve all looked up to and couldn’t wait to be around: the so-called goat can’t even keep track of downs!!! You knew? Bullcrap you knew. But I’ll play along for a minute. You knew? Ok.  Then why were you holding up four fingers after it went down?  Were you just lobbying for that all-important Colorado buffs fifth down? And if you knew, why the hell did you come off the field looking so confused, and beleaguered.  And why were you so pissed on the sideline after it happened.  Because you didn’t know.  So stop lying and saying you did. Own that. And the fact that Nick Foles beat you.  Again.  So you can go ahead and also own the fact that Foles owns you. Brady also spoke of something we all saw with our own eyes; that they are an extremely undisciplined team last night, quote: “penalties, they just, they stop drives.” Right.  You know what else stop drives?  Losing track of the downs, TB43. And to pretend it didn’t happen when the entire world saw that it did, is an idiot move. Don’t be a dope. Admit it. Own it. Apologize for it. Promise it will never happen again. And keep moving. People will forgive most things of a guy who has won six rings; but not lying or treating us like we’re idiots. Which is what he’s doing. The more things change the more they stay exactly the same: and this dude still isn’t owning jack. Except at least he got away with that crap in New England when he was winning.  Not anymore.

Bruce Arians was asked if Brady thought it was third down, not fourth down, and his response was: "Yeah, he knew.”

Respectfully, and I do mean that because I really respect Bruce Arians, but that sounds like a bunch of crap. And you know what it sounds like a bunch of crap? Because it is bunch of crap. If it looks like crap, smells like crap and tastes like crap. It’s crap. And so is losing track of downs and then lying about it afterwards. C’mon, man, you’re supposed to be the GOAT; start acting like it.