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Advice For Cleveland

They’re not asking my opinion, but they’re about to get it anyway.

April 24, 2018 - 11:05 am

I’ll tell you how I know it’s time for the draft. When I see a headline on ESPN dot com which screams, “Baker Mayfield definitely in conversation for Browns no 1 pick. Straight Fire.

Adam Schefter reports Mayfield “definitely” has been part of the Browns’ considerations with the no. 1 draft pick and that, get this, he cannot be ruled out as the top overall selection in the draft. Damn! Pretty spicy, right. 

And now this breaking news… Jim Rome reports the Browns are also considering Sam Darnold with the first pick overall. And that Darnold is “definitely” part of their considerations and you can’t rule out the possibility of him being the top pick overall.  Oh, and Josh Rosen. They’ve considered him too. Plus, Josh Allen: throw him on the same list. That’s how I know we need the draft. Today. This hour. Right now. When we’ve gotten to the point that Baker Mayfield was considered, not even is considered but was considered as a possibility at number one overall. Right. They have the first pick.  They’re using it on a q.b. Mayfield is one of the top four or five q.b.’s coming out, depending on your opinion of the guy; I’m sure his name did come up in conversation.  That’s news? That he was considered? That is name came up.

Oh, I interrupt this thought, to break some more news for you. This just in: Jim Rome reports the Browns using that first pick overall as a quarterback has been discussed, and you cannot rule out the possibility of them using that pick on one. I’m usually not about this sort of thing, but c’mon. And  I get that there’s fascination about all things draft related; and the NFL will milk this thing for all it’s worth, but if this is type of thing we’re going to see as we get closer, you have to move this thing up a few weeks just to end it. The Browns have considered selecting Baker Mayfield with the first pick. Right, and I’m considering the possibility that he sky is blue, and I’m not ruling it out that it’s not. 

By the way, they’re not asking my opinion, but they’re about to get it anyway. Nothing against Mayfield, I love the guy. Love his fire. Love that enormous chip on his shoulder.  And I’m don’t have concerns about his size, the system he played in college or his act on or off the field. I love Mayfield. I just don’t love him first overall. Take Darnold with that pick. 

No, he’s not perfect, but he’s the best choice and the best fit for Cleveland. I don’t care about this guy’s hand size or how many times he turned it over at USC.  You can address ball security. And his mechanics. But this guy is a winner, and did it at the highest level in the college game; something you can’t say about Josh Allen. 

And Darnold’s. A great athlete. And a grinder. And his teammates love him and so will that town. And he’ll embrace that town in return and he’ll lead from the front. And you’ll never worry about him bouncing in the middle of the work week to go to Vegas in disguise. No, I don’t what they’ll do with that first pick, but I know what they should do. Keep it and use it on Sam Darnold.