Manny Machado

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AL East Arms Race

The Manny Machado trade rumors are only going to get louder.

July 10, 2018 - 9:53 am

We’re three weeks away from the MLB trade deadline, which means the Manny Machado trade rumors are only going to get louder. And I know what you’re thinking – why would the Orioles want to trade away a generational player like Machado, who’s the rare player to start an All-Star game at both short and third? 

Well, because they’re horrible. Like worst team in baseball, horrible. 25-66, 37 ½ games out of first. I’m no Bill James and you never want to say never, but I feel pretty confident in saying that the Orioles have no chance of winning the AL East this year… or any time soon, for that matter. And he’s set to become a free agent.

So you have to get something for him. And obviously the ideal situation would be to deal him to the National League, so that you don’t have to see him very often. That’s why teams like the Dodgers or Brewers Or Diamondbacks would make sense  for the Orioles. 

Send him to the NL, get some prospects back, and maybe you take a run at re-signing him in the offseason, the way the Yankees did with Aroldis Chapman. And if you don’t get him back, at least you got some prospects and maybe you kept him out of your league.

But the truth is, there’s another potential trading partner. One who can probably offer more than the Dodgers or Brewers. One with a very deep farm system. And one who the Orioles would never want to deal with. The New York Yankees.

That’s nightmare fuel right there. The only thing worse for Orioles fans than having to say good-bye to Manny Machado in an Orioles uni, when he’s in the prime of his career and having his best season ever, would be having him show up in Yankees gear. And doing it on a regular basis since they’re in the same division. 

And according to the Athletic, the Yankees are showing increased interest in acquiring Machado. Why the hell  not? Why stop there. Why not just go get Bryce Harper while you're at it.

Because a lineup with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez wasn’t scary enough, let’s throw in another right handed bat with power and who also plays gold glove defense. That’s not a good lineup, that’s an unfair lineup. If the Yankees pull that off, three of the top ten home run hitters in the American League would be in their lineup.

And the crazy thing is, it’s not like they need this guy they don’t need more power in their lineup. What they really need is help in the rotation, but then again…. if you can get Manny Machado, you take Manny Machado. If you can’t keep your opponents from scoring, just outscore them yourself. Turn every game into a shootout on the diamond. 

The Red Sox have four nasty lefties in their rotation, here are four nasty righties in our lineup. Just dump some kerosene on that arms race in the AL East. Because the last thing you want to do is lose the AL East and be in the wild card game. Especially if you don’t love your rotation. 

I’m not saying that the Yankees acquiring another All-Star would be especially good for the game of baseball overall, but baseball is good when the Yankees are good, and this would make them even better. I want to see this deal get done, not because I think it would be the best for the Orioles, although they should be able to get more from the Yankees than from anyone else, but just  to see how Boston responds. Because if history is any guide, if New York adds an all-star, Boston has to add one as well. Or maybe two.